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ESP USA Guitars - Coming Soon!

ESP Guitars announce the upcoming opening of their first-ever USA-based factory at North Hollywood, CA.

Rocksmith 2014 and Epiphone Guitar Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Rocksmith 2014, they have teamed up with Epiphone for a year long raffle with monthly prizes.

108 Rock Star Guitars - Photo Book

Photographer and author Lisa S. Johnson releases 108 Rock Star Guitars, a book for guitar and photography fans that feature intimate portraits of guitars owned by iconic players.

Martin Guitars at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

C.F. Martin & Co. continue their hotel and resort partnerships, featuring a new venture with Ace Hotel London Shoreditch.

Gibson Brands Intend to Acquire Cakewalk

Gibson Brands continue to roll out their expansion plans, this time setting their eyes on Cakewalk Inc.

Orange Amps Blog

Orange Amplification launches their own blog, featuring gig reports, artist news, gear information and more.

Epiphone 140th Anniversary Video

In this video, Gibson shares some interesting stories about the celebrant, as part of Epiphone's 140th Anniversary celebration.

Blind Willie Johnson Sleeps Among the Stars

The incredible story of a legendary blues artist who died penniless, but who's music is on board a spacecraft currently leaving the Solar System.

Skate a Squier Strat

Metro Skate Shop puts a Squier Stratocaster's durability to the test by skating on the instrument.

Crazy J - The Robot Guitarist

Will robots replace guitarists in the future? Crazy J gives us a preview of how machines will soon take control of our favorite instrument.

Stolen 1930s Gibson Recovered

Thanks to a kind pawnshop owner in Tooele, a 30's era Gibson guitar finds its way back to its owner in North Salt Lake.

New Life for Charred Reverend Guitar

Here is the story behind the restoration of a charred Reverend guitar, which was salvaged from a burned down house.

Amar Bose has died aged 83

The founder of the Bose Corporation and MIT researcher Dr. Bose, was born in 1929 and passed away at the age of 83 in Wayland, Massachusetts on July 12, 2013.

The Guitar With A Broken Neck (True Story from WWII)

True Story From World War II - The guitar and I went overseas to war. It got seriously wounded, but, thank the Lord, I never did.

Guild Custom Shop Tour

Guild gives us a preview of the workings in their Custom Shop, highlighting their combination of technology, experience and handcrafting.

Gibson Guitars now called Gibson Brands

In lieu of their ever expanding range of musical gear and equipment, Gibson Guitar Corp. has now become Gibson Brands.

Martin Guitars at Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort will now be offering C.F. Martin products at their newly renovated facility in Oahu, Hawaii.

Scientist Proves Guitarists Are More Attractive?

Professor Nicolas Gueguen from Université de Bretagne-Sud in France has conducted a study finding that women are more attracted to men who play guitar.

Fender Acoustic Custom Shop Tour

Here is a quick video tour of Fender's Acoustic Custom Shop facility in New Hartford Connecticut.

Greatest 100 Guitar Riffs

I found this interesting YouTube video where Alex Chadwick from Chicago Music Exchange attempts to present a brief history of rock in 100 riffs.

Guide to Soundproofing a Room

Today we have a guest article written by Joffre Essley about ways to soundproof a room.

12AX7 Comparison of Current Made Tubes

A Comparison of Current Production 12AX7 Tubes 2013

How To Make Awesome Prog Rock Music

Looking to start up a new band?

The Seven Ages Of A Rock Star

How does a rock star change over time? Is there an evolution that most go through, and what are some of the seven ages that they have to experience?

The Oldest Guitar Brands In The World

There are have been a many, many incredible guitarists over the years, each with their own incredible talents and unique skills. But what is a musician without the right instrument?

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