Top 10 comic and cartoon guitars (we could have done without)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's probably just the worst homage to superheros you're ever going to see. Cartoons as well! Here's 10 guitars devoted to our favorite caped crusaders and childhood icons that should never have seen the light of day (and certainly not any stage).

10. Fender Hello Kitty Dreadnought

9. PRS Dan Spitz Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guitar

8. Martin Felix The Cat Custom

7. Daisy Rock's PowerPuff Girls and Mojo Jojo Heartbreaker guitar

6. The SpongeBob Guitar

5. The Flinstones Guitar

4. Vengeance's Superhero Guitar

Image has been removed

3. Nocturnal Custom's Samuel Wheeler Batman Guitar

2. Samick Guitars' Grinch

1. Stuart Napier's Slash Vs Superman Guitar

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Any Garfield guitars?!

Anyone who adorns a guitar with this kind of juvenile crap should be invited to take a long walk off a short pier.

"Grrrrrr!!! Other people

"Grrrrrr!!! Other people make me angry!"<---You

Where are Moose and Squirrel?

What on earth possessed someone to place Slash and Superman on the same guitar .... Its madness I say ... complete madness !!


Yes i know but who the hell would put Slash and Superman on the same guitar ....

Might not be the best place to put a drawing, but the detail of the drawings are amazing. It takes talent to make a good slash and the turtles one is good too!

Though it doesn't really justify where they put it...

In my opinion, the designs a good diversion and a bit of entertainment. Lighten up, critics. They already titled it: Top 10 comic and cartoon guitars We could have done a 'disclaimer' is built right in.

dude, i mean i think that that is pretty hard... in a way but they probably play like crap

I'd totally buy that Hello Kitty Dreadnough in a hearbeat!

I would totally buy that Ninja Turtles guitar!

u guys r crazy!!! thoughs guitars are awesome!!! well most of 'em XD GET AN IMAGINATION!!!

these are great. granted; the slash and superman is like a really dodgy tattoo, but the turtles one rocks!

I'll buy the ninja turtles 1 right now, tell me how!

What????? the TMNT ones for

What????? the TMNT ones for Dan Spitz are classic. if anything they should be under the Awesom guitars homages . the original TMNT on his Jackson Flying V was phenomin

You dont know shit

If any of you knew anything about the Ninja Turtle guitar you would know that Danny Spitz of Anthrax played that guitar for quite a while IN SHOWS.

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