Yellow Jackets Tube Converters Website Update

Yellow Jackets have updated their website, now with more detailed specifications on their Tube Converters.

Yellow Jacket Tube Converter

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If you've been looking to experiment with changing the tubes on your amp and are not entirely sure which ones to get, Yellow Jackets' new website might be able to better help you.

The new look for the company's website is completely redesigned to give it a modern look with a more intuitive and organized interface. They changed it up so that all important product information are made readily available, including technical specifications and amp recommendations. This change is aimed at guitarists who are interested in the Yellow Jackets tube converters.

Yellow Jackets offer interesting tube converters that let you use EL84 power tubes in place of more popular tubes. And more importantly, it lets you make these changes without the need for biasing adjustment. This was made possible by the smart "self-bias" Class-A configuration for the EL84.

Using EL84 tubes in the power tube section produces a tighter and more focused sound. Utilizing the tube converter produces a substantial maximum power reduction that lets you find just the right mix of preamp and poweramp distortion to achieve the sweet spot of your amp easier and at lower volume levels. And this is just one of the many possible configurations that you can experiment with using the tube converters, and you can do so without any need for bias adjustments, as long as you read the particulars of the product and the amplifier you're using.

Because of the tone and feel changes that tube converters provide, you are essentially getting a new amplifier. And since they ignore the amplifier’s grid bias voltage, you can conveniently take them in and out to adjust your power level and sound during your gigs or recording sessions. Finally, all Yellow Jacket Tube Converters are handmade in the USA.

If you are getting tired of the sound of your tube amp, or you're looking for more variety, check out their new website at

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