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Roundup of Cheap Electric Guitar Pickups

You can substantially improve or even change your guitar tone by simply replacing your pickups. And you don't even have to spend much because there are good ones that are reasonably priced. Here we present you with the best of these budget friendly pickups, updated for 2017.

The Best Wireless Guitar System Review

Tired of being tied to your pedalboard and amp? Want to free yourself from the hassles of long cables? Then check out our review of the Best Wireless Guitar Systems.

Seymour Duncan High Voltage Humbucker

Seymour Duncan reveals more information on the Custom Shop High Voltage humbucker used in Angus Young's SG.

Roland New York Blues Tone Capsule for Blues Cube

Roland expands the tone options of their Blues Cube amplifier yet again with the New York Blues Tone Capsule.

IK Multimedia iRig HD2

IK Multimedia unveils the new iRig HD2 digital guitar interface, with improved features and compatibility.

Fishman Fluence Carpenter and Townsend Signature Pickups

Fishman releases two new Fluence signature pickups, co-designed by Stephen Carpenter and Devin Townsend.

Lollar Staple P-90 Pickup

Jason Lollar introduces the new Staple P-90 pickup, based on vintage "Staple" P-90s found on '50s era Les Paul Custom.

Positive Grid BIAS Rack

Positive Grid introduces the BIAS Rack, a portable, rack-mountable version of their popular digital amp modeler BIAS.

Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special Pickups

Seymour Duncan introduces the Saturday Night Special humbuckers, designed to replicate classic '70s era rock tones.

Converse All Wah - Sneakers with Built in Wah

Converse and CuteCircuit unveil the final version of the Chuck Taylor All Wah, a pair of sneakers with built-in Wah control.

D’Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner

D'Addario introduces the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner, a soundhole-mounted variant of their popular ultra-compact tuner.

Vari-Cap Cable by Undertone Audio

UnderTone Audio introduces the Vari-Cap Cable, an instrument cable that lets you adjust cable capacitance in realtime.

BluGuitar BluBOX Speaker Cabinet Simulator

BluGuitar GmbH introduces the BluBOX, an impulse response speaker simulator with 16 cab models.

Tone King Ironman II Mini Power Attenuator

Tone King introduce the Ironman II Mini, a compact power attenuator in pedal form, for amplifiers rated 30W or less.

Graph Tech Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System

Graph Tech's Inviso-Match Mounting Plate System has just been awarded a U.S. patent, in recognition of its innovative design which simplifies machine head replacements for common guitar configurations.

Railhammer Billy Corgan Signature Pickup

Railhammer introduces the new Billy Corgan signature pickup, a modded P90 style pickup without the hum.

Sonoma WireWorks GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini

Sonoma WireWorks introduces their latest studio quality multi-platform audio interfaces, the GuitarJack Stage and the StudioJack Mini.

Mojotone Quiet Coil Pickups

Mojotone releases Quiet Coil, a new Strat style pickup that has the same look and tone without the noise.

Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth Dongle

Blackstar introduces Tone:Link, a Bluetooth audio receiver that adds wireless connectivity to amps with line-in ports.

iRig Acoustic

IK Multimedia unveils the iRig Acoustic, a portable usb microphone interface that's especially tuned for acoustic guitars.

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo

IK Multimedia releases the iRig Pro Duo, a mobile dual-channel audio/MIDI interface with multiple OS compatibility.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Straps - Steel String & Classical

Don't wait until your beloved instrument falls on the floor, or worse, on your toes, secure your guitar with a functional and stylish strap. Listed below are some of the best acoustic guitar straps available that we categorized based on their form and functionality.

MannMade Intonatable Stoptail Bridge

Mann Made introduces the updated Intonatable Stoptail Bridge, now with pre-slotted saddles designed for Gibson and PRS stoptail guitars.

10 of the Best Guitar Cables

When you consider how much time and effort you put into getting your rig to sound just the way you want, it makes sense to ensure your guitar cables are also up to the job - after all they're an important part of the tone chain. Also remember that occasionally things will go wrong, so always carry at least one spare cable to gigs and rehearsals.

MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply

MXR introduces the Iso-Brick Power Supply, designed to power various types of pedals with 10 fully isolated outputs.

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