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Introducing the Anthem from L.R. Baggs

After 30 years of effort we have done the very thing that every amplified acoustic guitarist has dreamed about and the very thing that no other pickup manufacturer has been capable of- unlocking the potential of a microphone to capture the very essence of your guitar with high feedback resistance for demanding stages.

Cooperstand introduces Hand-Crafted Wooden Instrument Stands

If your instrument is too precious for just an ordinary stand then Cooperstand has the answer with their handcrafted wooden stands. These are designed and engineered by Daniel Cooper, an award winning sculptural artist, guitarist, and songwriter.

Seymour Duncan presents 8-String Blackout Pickups

When six strings seem too conventional and seven strings still just aren't enough, Seymour Duncan announces the release of the latest version of our hugely successful Blackouts series, the 8-string Blackouts for 8-string guitars.

Thermonetix announces new Guitar customization option for Stratocaster owners

Thermonetix has announced the release of a brand new patent pending product, the Guitar Body Hugger. The Guitar Body Hugger is a new option in guitar customization that makes changing the color or design of a guitar not only simple, but also affordable. The Guitar Body Hugger is a clear glossy cover made from .040 PETG plastic that has been molded to conform to the face and sides of a guitar body. It is a durable and protective cover that is made to be personalized by the guitar owner.

Audiotech Guitar Products announces Factory Direct Order Option

Audiotech Guitar Products have announced they're now, once again taking factory direct orders for their full product line. You can now contact the company and place your order directly by using their online order form. The company will also take factory direct custom orders as well. The full product line will still be available through their many dealers with the exception of custom products, and they encourage customers to contact their nearest dealer.

Shadow releases the SH NMG LPU 2 Pickup System for Electric Guitar

The uncompromising, earthy rock sound of the legendary humbucking pickups became the holy grail of generations of electric guitar players, but they faced a problem: What did they do when the next song on the set list is a soulful ballad, which needs a brilliant acoustic sound?

V-Picks releases the Tradition 4.0 Guitar Pick

Since the V-Pick Tradition line was introduced, their popularity has been growing rapidly among V-Pick players of the world. Now, the next step in the evolution of the V-Pick Tradition, the new Tradition 4.0 Guitar pick.

2 New Colors for the Pure90 Humbucker Sized P90 Pickup

BG Pups Handwound Pickups and Bryan Gunsher has announced the addition of Cream and White to the color choices for the ground breaking Pure90 pickup. The Pure90 pickup is a true vintage wound BG Pups P90 sized down to fit the route of a humbucker guitar.

Seymour Duncan presents Mick Thomson's Signature Blackouts EMTY

Seymour Duncan has announced the release of the latest addition to our popular Blackouts Humbucker series the Blackouts AHB-3 Thomson EMTY. Like its predecessors (The AHB-1 and AHB-2), the Blackouts AHB-3 EMTY provides distinctive, screaming metal tones, packing a serious mid-range punch, thicker, darker chords than other humbuckers and hard-hitting driving leads.

TC Electronic announces RS112 Bass Cabinet

TC Electronic's brand new RS112 cabinet is a new high quality yet extremely compact addition to the RS range. Delivering all the tone musicians have come to expect from TC yet in a much smaller footprint, RS112 packs a punch when it needs to despite its diminutive size.

Lollar releases the Supro-style Steel Guitar Pickup

Lollar Pickups has announced the release of a Supro-style string through steel guitar pickup. The pickup features Alnico 5 magnets, dual split coil humbucking construction with adjustable poles. The pickup requires a small route 1/8" deep or it can be surface mounted on top of a pickguard. For guitars with taller bridges, shims are available to raise the pickup.

Introducing the new V-Pick Traditon Guitar Pick

Many artists have contacted us asking "Can you make a guitar pick with the traditional shape and size, and still have that V-Pick sound and gripping action?" Well, here it is! The V-Pick Tradition! The same size and shape of a regular guitar pick that we all grew up with. Only this pick adds a bit of a twist to that old formula. You will not drop this guitar pick due to the V-Pick "grippage" that you have heard so much about. They will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms up the pick! They also give you much more volume than a regular pick. A great sounding tight bottom end, a huge mid range, and a beautiful, singing high end. Much like a human voice. This pick has a lot to offer, indeed!

Introducing The GripClip

The GripClip prevents the inadvertent unplugging of guitars, basses, and other strap-worn instruments. For generations, players have addressed this problem by looping their cables around the junction of their strap and strap button. This practice reduces the likelihood of accidentally unplugging the instrument, but does little to reduce stresses on input jacks and inevitably leads to kinked cables.

Two new limited edition Hand Wound Pickups added to BG Pups lineup

BG Pups Handwound Pickups and Bryan Gunsher has announced the addition of the BG Bucker Clear Top and MM90 "Mean Green" to the lineup. The BG Bucker Clear Top set is wound like a stock set of BG Buckers but they are wound on 2 NOS clear T-Top bobbins from the 70s and 80s. Also this set uses 2 A4 magnets specifically tuned for this set. This set has great vintage tones with a touch less highs in the bridge than the stock BG Buckers and the neck has touch more highs. The bridge has a nice crunchy bite to it. The neck is buttery while still retaining highs.

Rotosound launches British Steel Strings

Rotosound have announced the launch of British Steels, based on the Original classic Rotosound Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings from the 1960’s, and now manufactured using improved processes and even better materials.

ElectroKraft releases Magnedyne Adjustable Tone Vintage Style Single Coil Pickup

The new Magnedyne adjustable tone single coil pickup by is a hand wound vintage style pickup whose tone can be instantly changed. For direct replacement of any Strat style guitar pickup, requiring no modifications to your pickguard or guitar body.

V-Picks releases Leather Wristband that holds Guitar Picks

If you find yourself using different V-Picks for different applications, here is a perfect solution to the problem of where to put your picks in-between songs.

Rotosound launches Nexus coated string range

British string manufacturer Rotosound has a rich history of manufacturing the best, most innovative strings in the business. The company has brought all their expertise, knowledge and experience together to launch the new Nexus coated range of strings.

LightWing Studios launches AxeGlove Generation II

LightWing Studios has launched a major expansion of their product line with the release of their AxeGlove Generation II Guitar Protection System during Summer NAMM 2009.

Seymour Duncan announces the Hot Stack Plus

For Stratocaster players, it's the challenge of the ages: keep the tone, but ditch the annoying single coil hum. A few years ago, we came out with the patented Classic Stack Plus pickup that answered the call. But what about those players who want a Strat tone that's bigger, beefier, ballsier, and brasher than vintage? For them, we are happy to announce the release of the Hot Stack Plus, the latest advancement in the quest for hum-free Strat tone.

Schecter C-1E/A Guitar now equipped with Graph Tech’s ghost ResoMax bridge

Graph Tech Guitar Labs is now supplying Schecter guitars with the innovative ghost ResoMax bridge for the C-1E/A guitar. The ghost ResoMax bridge is a Tune-O-Matic bridge that delivers rich, authentic acoustic tone from your electric guitar with rapid, accurate tracking and perfect string to string balance. Graph Tech's String Saver technology dramatically reduces string breakage and increases harmonic content.

GuitarGuard gears up for Summer NAMM 2009 with three new product offerings

GuitarGuard continues to add new models to its growing line of award-winning protective guitar skins with the introduction of the Tele and Acoustic Dreadnaught style guitars skins at this Summer’s NAMM 2009.

Ernie Ball unveils Coated Slinky Bass Strings

Ernie Ball has announced the arrival of the new Coated Bass String line. The latest addition to the Slinky line of strings will be unveiled at this years summer NAMM Show, in Nashville, TN. These new patented sets will be available in all of your favorite Ernie Ball Slinky bass set gauges, and feature a micro-thin layer of an exclusive enamel coating that prevents decay and corrosion up to 5 times longer than an uncoated set of strings.

Lava Cable introduces The Lava Cable Center

Lava Cable has introduced The Lava Cable Center, featuring the smallest, most reliable, best sounding solder-free plug and cable combination available anywhere.

LACE unveils the Alumitone Deathbucker electric guitar pickup

Using patented and patent pending Lace current driven technology, the Deathbucker was designed by Jeff Lace, for high output with a heavy metal drive. Extreme output with thunderous bottom end, yet crisp highs allow the player the most versatile of high output pickups.

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