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PRS presents the 59/09 electric guitar pickup

The PRS 59/09 is the newest addition to Paul Reed Smith Guitars' 1957/2008 Series line of pickups. Slightly darker and more powerful in the bridge with a touch more clarity and brightness in the neck, the 59/09 provides a tonal alternative to the industry revered original 1957/2008 pickups, known for their articulate clarity and rich harmonic overtones.

Lava Cable introduces black and gold solder free plug

Lava Cable has iintroduced a new version of its revolutionary solder-free plug. This new plug comes with a black anodized housing and gold-plated stem and grounding sleeve and is available in both right angle and straight versions. It is the lowest in capacitance of any like plug on the market and the gold plating offers a minor increase in conductivity over nickel to provide for slightly increased sonic performance.

EMG releases Alexi Laiho signature pickup set

EMG has released The EMG-ALX with ABQ EQ/Boost, the new Alexi Laiho signature model. This is a newly designed EMG passive model custom wound and includes the new ABQ EQ/Boost which features a push (to activate) / pull (to deactivate) control. The ABQ has a 3 band EQ which can be adjusted for creating different tone settings. The boost output can be adjusted as well to add or subtract gain.

V-Picks releases Ruby Red Series guitar picks

These gems are made of the same fantastic, cast acrylic material as the other V-Picks. Same gripping action, wear resistant, fast action, and tons of tone. But these are even cooler because they are clear Ruby Red. Designed by Mrs V herself in celebration of 2009 and everyone finally being healthy in the Smith family! She worked quite some time with the R&D department to come up with this very unique looking guitar pick. These colored picks are a result of listening to our players and trying our best to always give them what they want and need. It is a limited run and only 500 of each model were made.

New Bose L1 Compact portable line array system

Bose has introduced the new L1 Compact portable line array system, the latest and most portable addition to the Bose L1 product line. Using advanced Bose technologies, an L1 Compact system fills the room with only one speaker, and can be carried in a single trip and set up in less than one minute.

V-Picks releases the new Psycho guitar pick

This pick is unlike any other guitar pick you have tried. Guaranteed! Laser cut the same size as the Freakishly Large, and 5.85mm thick. The thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand relaxed and in a more natural position. Plus the mass hitting the string creates a lot of energy and produces much more sound and much better sound. Like all the V-Picks, the Psycho warms up to your touch and clings to your fingers without feeling sticky at all.

Naylor launches new company: Armor Gold Cables

Armor Gold Cables has introduced its line of industrial strength cables for the guitar market. The company is owned by designer Joe Naylor. The line includes instrument, pedal patch, and speaker cables.

WaveAngle now shipping Radian wireless guitar system

WaveAngle is now shipping the Radian Gold Series Wireless Guitar System. The Radian system is an ultra-compact, wireless device designed for use with electric guitars and basses. The device is the first in the industry to combine crystal clear audio quality and rock solid digital wireless connectivity in an ultra-compact form factor. The new design delivers uncompressed, CD quality signal, overcomes previous issues experienced with other wireless devices and eliminates the unwanted tangle of cables on any stage.

New version of Right Angle Solder-Free Plug available

Lava Cable has introduced a new version of the Right Angle Lava Plug the smallest DIY solder-free plug on the market. This new version incorporates design changes that make cable assembly much easier to include assembly with the Lava Mini ELC cable in blue. The Right Angle Lava Plug provides for aligned pedal spacing at about 1" and less than ½" when pedals are staggered. The Right Angle Lava Plug is also lower in capacitance than any other solder-free plug on the market.

New GFS Neovin pickup sets for telecaster guitars now available

NeovinTE pickups use a unique combinations of Neodymium high power magnets, true humbucker construction and vintage appearance.

Obbligato brings the Passive Analog Modeling System to the P-Bass

Obbligato has releaseed Turnstyle, the world's first 100% analog P-Bass guitar modeling system that installs directly into any Fender Precision Bass Guitar and most similar instrument. This marks the second Turnstyle applications born out of the Obbligato Custom Shop.

Godlyke announces PA-9D Power-All deluxe kit

The PA-9 Power-All is the world’s first 2000 mA, single outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effect users. Rather than waste money and natural resources on disposable batteries, users can now power their entire pedalboard from a single power supply that takes up only one outlet space!

V-Picks releases the new Dimension guitar pick

Designed in honor and in celebration of Michael "Muddy" Lawrence, V-Picks just released their newest, most innovative model yet, The Dimension Guitar Pick.

GTR-CA-2X Guitar Roadie now shipping

The Stage Ninja GTR-CA-2X Guitar Roadie is fully stocked and shipping immediately. This beautifully simple device allows musicians to carry 2 cases per arm, and allows retailers to suggest a great add on to every case sale.

Loaded Pickguards for the SolidBody Classic from Taylor

For SolidBody Classic players looking to change the complete tonal characteristics and appearance of their guitar, Taylor Guitars has introduced new loaded pickguards for a solderless, no-tech-necessary, do-it-yourself experience.

Hottie Amplifiers introduces high output Bettie Pickup

Wound hotter than original Hottie Bridge Pickups, high output Bettie Pickups have clear highs, boosted midrange, and a thick bottom end. Players who need authentic vintage tone with increased output and sustain will love our Bettie. Tonal qualities: Hot and creamy but with clarity and presence, exceptional for soloing.

StageClix presents Digital Wireless System for Guitar and Bass

StageClix is a great technological leap in digital wireless freedom for musicians, vocalists and audio professionals. We proudly present stageClix. A revolutionairy and high quality digital wireless guitar/bass system for the professional audiomarket.

New Hexaphonic Pickup System for Acoustic And Classic Guitar

Shadow Electronics releases a revolutionary pickup system for acoustic and classical guitar. The hexaphonic pickup is based on Shadow's popular and successfull Nanofelx pickup technology and unites 6 pickups in one—one for each string.

Introducing PRS Signature Series Cable

PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research have introduced the PRS Signature Series Cables. In line with Paul Reed Smith's quest for uncompromising tone and meticulous quality, the new PRS Signature Series Cable line includes guitar and speaker cables manufactured to the most exacting specifications. These premiere cables make an ideal choice for performing musicians and vocalists—both on stage and in the recording studio.

V-Picks announces Small Lite Guitar Pick

Laser cut the same size as a very popular and common Jazz pick at 1.5mm thick, the Small Lite Pointed V-Pick is great for all kinds of music. This guitar pick gives you a fatter, beefier tone, more volume and faster action over your strings. Lots of articulation, with great snap and bite. Great for both rhythm and lead playing, and also plays and sounds good with acoustic guitars.

Chrome or Gold Cover Caps now available from EMG

EMG has released some of their most famous models with a new option; chrome or gold cover caps. Addressing durability issues of chrome plating over brass, the EMG solution for the chrome look is a one piece, high quality, mirror polished, stainless steel cover cap that is designed and produced in the USA.

World's first 100% Passive Analog Bass Guitar Modeling System released

Obbligato has released Turnstyle, the world's first 100% analog bass guitar modeling system that installs directly into any Fender Jazz Bass Guitar and most similar instrument. This marks the first of many Turnstyle applications born out of the Obbligato Custom Shop.

Obbligato releases the Isotropic Carbon Acoustic Guitar Saddles

Obbligato has released the world's first Isotropic Carbon Acoustic Guitar Saddle. Significant improvements over bone, ivory and synthetic saddles include increased volume, longer sustain, unprecedented tone complexity and will never chip or form grooves from the strings.

New ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System from Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Electric guitarists can now easily upgrade any guitar with a Tune-O-Matic bridge for better performance and sound thanks to the new ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System made by Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer.

Rivera Amplification unveils SilentSister Isolation Cabinet

One of the greatest challenges to home and studio recording is how to get a great amplified guitar tone at a low level. Introducing the Rivera SilentSister recording speaker cabinet.

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