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AXL introduces the Badwater Hardware Kit

Capitalizing on the successful and critically acclaimed Badwater series of guitars, AXL presents the Badwater Hardware Kit for players who want to individualize any guitar.

The world's first Isotropic Carbon Guitar Pick released

Obbligato has released the world's first Isotropic Carbon guitar pick with tone and feel that is very reminiscent of true tortoise shell. The patent pending design is made from a very fine grain carbon not well known outside of the medical community.

EMG releases X Series Guitar and Bass Pickups

EMG has released the X Series. A new line of high output guitar and bass pickups for all styles of playing, they feature a more organic nature to their sound due to a newly designed internal preamp, which allows for more gain to emanate from the amplifier and instrument as opposed to the preamp.

Gator releases US Made Roto Amp Cases

Amplify Your Protection Gator introduces the new line of made in the USA, rotationally molded, amp cases which are specifically designed to fit most popular size amplifiers. This high-performance case is available in 1-12 and 2-12 sizes and allows the amp to sit safely and securely on top of the case during use.

New TSA ATA Guitar Case from Gator Cases

Gator’s new TSA ATA Guitar Case has taken the GPE ATA series to the next level. The exterior of the case features military grade Polyethylene construction with black, stealth, powder coated valance and hardware. Gator has incorporated a surface mounted impact diversion latch housing with a TSA approved locking center latch to make this case ideal for airline travel.

V-Picks releases the SNAKE Pick

V-Picks has released the V-Pick SNAKE. Weighing in at a whopping 4.10mm thick, this pick plays like none other. A cast acrylic pick, the same material that all V-Pick players have fallen in love with. This pick is very easy to hold. It actually feels like it is holding on to you. It has three symetrical points to play with.

On-Stage Gear adds 15 new guitar straps to its accessory line

On-Stage Gear has added 15 guitar straps to its line. The straps fall under three models and are woven from either durable polypropylene or nylon. Like its sister brand, On-Stage Stands, On-Stage Gear products are tough, stylish, and made for the working musician.

New Supercharger Kits from Graph Tech Guitar Labs now available

Acoustic and electric guitarists can now get high-end performance and sound from any guitar thanks to new Supercharger Kits made by Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer. Each easy-to-use upgrade kit contains the right mix of Graph Tech’s proven performance products like TUSQ saddles for acoustic guitars and String Saver saddles for electric guitars.

Graph Tech Guitar Labs showcases its ghost LB63 locking bridge pickup

Graph Tech Guitar Labs is to showcase its ghost LB63 locking bridge pickup system for the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo System this spring. With so many loyal Floyd Rose shredders, Graph Tech took pains to ensure its ghost for Floyd Rose electronics tracks as fast as the fingers of the famous tremolo’s most prolific users. Because the Floyd Rose Tremolo encourages experimentation with sound, its users can expect to take their play or performance to a whole new level with the MIDI and acoustic features of Graph Tech’s industry-leading ghost system.

Woodello Industries introduces the Mastery Bridge

Woodello Industries has announced the Mastery Bridge, a completely new bridge design specifically made to replace the problematic OEM Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Bass VI, Jag-Stang and Bigsby-equipped Telecaster bridges. The Mastery Bridge eliminates the buzzing associated with previous saddle designs. Your strings won't fall out of their grooves - no matter how hard you play. The new post design has a dramatic effect on the transfer of string-to-body energy, giving your guitar great resonance.

PRS Guitars limited run featuring 1957/2008 Pickups

Paul Reed Smith Guitars has unveiled a limited run of solid body electrics featuring the new 1957/2008 pickups. PRS acquired exclusive rights to the original pickup wire used in the most revered ‘50s era pickups in 2008, and 1957 was the year the humbucker was first commercially available, giving rise to the name for PRS Guitars’ newest and most exclusive pickup.

Atlanta Quality Design introduces Zerocap guitar cable

AQD has added custom designed cabling and patent-pending electronics to their Zerocap guitar cable for what they say provides zero cable capacitance. Guitar cables have capacitance that reduces the high-end tone of guitar pickups, and creates an artificial midrange honk. The cable reduces this capacitance to a tiny fraction of other guitar cables and the resulting tone is exactly the tone of the instrument.

Hottie Amplifiers introduces Hottie Pickups

With the help of Seymour Duncan, Hottie Amplifiers have created Hottie Pickups that capture the creamy distortion and harmonic complexity of their Hottie Amps. Original Hottie Pickups have honey-sweet tone, touch sensitivity, and a perfect blend of warmth and presence. Sold as singles or as sets. Custom options available.

Systec Designs introduces stageClix

Systec Designs has introduced stageClix, a digital wireless bass instrument. stageClix uses digital technologies of CD-quality. So no more compander problems. They have chosen a frequency of 2.4 GHz, because this is available worldwide and legal to use. The system has a batterylife of at least 15 hours straight use, on two (rechargeable) AAA-penline batteries. The batteries will be recharged quickly and automatically, 80% in 3 hours, when the transmitter is plugged into the receiver.

StringDog unveils its Black Snappers Picks recently debuted their new Black Snappers Picks at a booth at the Arlington, TX Guitar Show. Black Snappers picks are made in the USA, featuring a wear-resistant Delrin material designed to produce the snappy response and tone of tortoise shell, but with better memory and improved grip. The flexibility is similar to the classic tortoise picks, and the shape is the classic 351 triangle for a familiar feel.

New guitar hanging solution released

GVPro Production has a new guitar hanger that you can hang and display your instrument on the wall at an angle. The HANG'em HIGH guitar hanger is a patent pending design made of a two-piece system that is mounted on the wall so you can proudly display and hang your guitar or bass on your wall at an ANGLE. The angle can be adjusted from 15 to 90 degrees.

V-Picks releases The Big Fattie

Tone, Tone, Big Tone. That is what the V-Pick Big Fattie Guitar Pick is all about. Giant mids, a huge,big, beefy low end, and a sweet, singing high end. The carefully calculated design and unique material of this guitar pick will literally unleash the sound inside of your guitar. Not only will this pick deliver better tone, it will also increase your volume dramatically. Have you ever played a chord or even a single note as hard as you can on your guitar? It will create an almost compressed sound. This is exactly how the Big Fattie sounds, except you will be playing with the lightest touch ever! That is how this magnificent guitar pick works the best, when you have your hand and fingers totally relaxed and just letting the pick do it's work, the work that it was designed for, to give you the best tone possible.

Reunion Blues expands their Wool Guitar Strap line

Reunion Blues is expanding their leather gig bag line to include three new natural fiber guitar straps made from 100% merino wool. These new additions come in rich, Designer Black, Pinstripe and Chestnut Brown, all artistically trimmed with full grain leather.

Bose L1 Model II System and T1 Tonematch Audio Engine for Musicians

The L1 Model II system and T1 ToneMatch audio engine are the latest in a line of portable line array systems from Bose. These products build on the unique approach to live music amplification the company introduced in 2003 with its Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker. Together, they deliver a combination of tone quality, sound coverage and portability previously unavailable from conventional live sound amplification systems.

Vox expands Amplug Range of Headphone Amplifiers

VOX has added two new models to its amPlug range of palm-sized, battery powered, headphone guitar amplifiers: the amPlug Lead and amPlug Bass. Users can plug either model directly into their guitar (via its built-in 1/4" plug), and enjoy professional-quality guitar or bass tones anywhere, anytime. Additionally, an AUX input jack allows the user to jam along with any MP3 player.

Shark Inlay releases Custom Inlaid Volume and Tone Knobs

Long known for their custom inlay work, Shark Inlay has released custom inlaid volume and control knobs. An easy way to add beautiful, custom inlay to your guitars without any permanent guitar modifications, these knobs are designed to perfectly replace any standard speed knobs (0.9" top) that are supplied by the original manufacturer. Simply installed with a small allen wrench (supplied with order) in less than 30 seconds, these knobs will enhance the appearance of any guitar. They are made with only the finest materials including, but not limited to, White/Black/Gold Mother of Pearl, Paua, Red Abalone, semiprecious stones, and an assortment of exotic woods from around the world.

Swineshead Pickups introduces the SH97 Seven String Single Coil Pickup

Swineshead Pickups has introduced a new seven string single coil pickup called the SH97. Like the six string SH90 introduced earlier this year, the SH97 is a single coil pickup in a humbucker housing that will fit any seven string guitar that would normally use humbuckers. This opens up a range of single coil tones without the need to rout or modify the guitar in any way.

V-Picks releases Night Glow Screamer Pick

V-Picks has released a glow in the dark pick called the Night Glow Screamer. Now V-Picks most famous pick, the Screamer, that glows in the dark. And we are not talking about glowing like some toy you got out of Cracker Jacks when you were a kid. These things are reminiscent of a vacation to Chernobyl. 18% is the maximum amount of illuminant you can use on any product without changing the material's qualities. And we use the maximum amount to make the new Night Glow Screamer glow up to 6 hours! Not just a dim light either.

Behringer unveils the Metalien Guitar Pack

Behringer offers a complete package for the beginning guitarist with the Metalien Guitar Pack. A pro-grade electric guitar, 10-Watt amp, automatic tuner and Rock House instructional DVD let anyone be a real guitar hero.

Brace Audio announces the DWG-1000 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Brace Audio has announced the availability of the DWG-1000 Digital Wireless Guitar System. Brace says it provides a 25m radius of crystal clear and uninterrupted audio performance over the 2.4 GHz frequency bands that are well outside of the crowded UHF/VHF frequencies used by virtually every other wireless product. With no antennas to set up and no worries of RF interference or hostile environments, the DWG-1000 gives the user a 'true plug 'n play experience.'

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