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'Guitar cloning machine' not so futuristic

When Gizmodo blogged about a 'Guitar Photocopier' for sale on eBay, I initially imagined a giant white machine churning out 100 guitar bodies per minute (black and white of course). Turns out it's not so grand -- it's just a wood carving duplicator.

Hosa Technology introduces Elite Series Guitar Cable

Hosa Technology has introduced the new Elite Series guitar cable. Available with both straight and right-angle plugs, the new Elite Series takes advantage of the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to deliver performance attributes comparable to those of far more costly boutique cables — but at a price that is well within reach of a typical musician's budget.

Eden releases new David Series Neo Bass Cabinets

Eden Electronics has introduced the new David Series Neo bass cabinets.

Tascam launches the GT-R1 portable guitar recorder

TASCAM has launched the GT-R1, a new portable recorder for guitar and bass players. Based on TASCAM's best-selling DR-1 recorder, the GT-R1 adds features from their groundbreaking guitar trainers for the ultimate songwriters sketchpad. A pair of built-in condenser microphones captures rehearsals and live shows, or musicians can plug directly into the instrument input to record with amp simulation and effects. The GT-R1 includes a rhythm player for instant inspiration, and a 1GB SD Card and rechargeable battery are included to get started right away.

Konig and Meyer announce the Memphis Pro guitar stand

With the new "Memphis Pro" guitar stand Konig and Meyer presents a new product which covers all needs. The elegant, foldable guitar stand has a patented, self-clamping and self-locking suspension system.

Panther Cases now available with Sparrow Guitars

Sparrow Guitars has announced a partnership with Panther Cases for all for orders of Sparrow electric guitars. All guitars designed and ordered direct from the Sparrow Guitars Online Custom Builder can be shipped with a deluxe Panther Case.

WCR releases new Icebucker Guitar Pickups Set

This set of pickups were engineered and designed to not only cover excellent vintage-style tones, but even more importantly for the heavy metal player. Especially those who like to play through hi-gain amps, and still be assured excellent note seperation, harmonics, and plenty of articulation in those hi-gain situations while still having plenty of meat.

V-Picks introduces the Diamond Guitar Pick

After listening to the opinions, wants and needs of literally thousands of guitar players, V-Picks went into the workshop and came out with this gem. Fast action, easy to hold "grippage", and big, bold tone are what sets this pick above all others.

Lace introduces the Aluma T Pickup

The Aluma T pickup and it's matched pickguard were designed for direct drop in replacement for one of the most popular guitars made today — the Telecaster. Voiced for traditional twang, yet with a broad band frequency response the new Aluma™T gives the player zero noise and full response for the most demanding country player.

StringDog introduces Tone Rockets Strings

StringDog has introduced Tone Rockets electric guitar stings, the latest addition to their direct-to-customer online catalog. These premium grade strings are made in the USA, and feature a nickel plated wrap over a tempered steel core. Designed as an all purpose string, Tone Rockets are suitable for rock, metal, blues, country, surf, reggae, soul, jazz, ska, fusion, grindcore, emo, polka, and even skiffle.

Gadow Guitars introduces Handwound Pickups

Gadow Guitars has announced that they are now Handwinding there own pickups in house, and will offer them as the only pickup for there instruments and soon will be available in matched sets through there dealers for purchase.

Ernie Ball introduces Titanium-Coated Slinky Electric Strings

At the 2008 Winter NAMM show, Ernie Ball/ Music Man introduced its titanium-coated acoustic strings, for the first time offering plain strings the same protection as wound strings. Now, at the 2008 Summer NAMM show, Ernie Ball is introducing its patented coated Titanium RPS technology to electric strings, providing the same cure for problematic weakness and breakage and offering strings that resist buildup and provide a clear, crisp tone gig after gig.

Nashville and Concert Series String Pickups released

Fishman’s new lines of premium pickups for Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin and Resophonic Spider-style guitar have once again set the standard for the category.

Swineshead Pickups releases new range of Tele Pickups

The Spotlight-TC combines a tight low end with clean highs providing a classic sounding Tele pickup. The bridge version comes with a traditional ferrous metal baseplate to help the guitar cut through the mix of a full band sound.

Lace debuts The Aluma P

Lace Music Products introduces its new replacement bass pickup, the Aluma P today in celebration of Earth Day. Due to it’s unique design the Aluma P shares with other Alumitone Lace pickups, they are a low impact for Mother Earth while offering incredible tone and performance. Alumitone® technology helps reduce the need for natural resources and the energy required to produce pickups in general, while producing a zero noise, light weight and full fidelity tone.

V-Picks releases the V-Pick

Pick Play Better, Sound Better is the slogan for The V-Pick. Up to this point, this product was mostly geared towards electric guitar players, boasting over 20 different models to choose from. However, after listening to many, many acoustic players and a lot of trial and error, Vinni Smith, the company's founder has come up with the perfect formula. The same wonderful material that grips and seems to become part of your hand, a very smooth, calculated bevel and a comfortable overall size. This pick delivers more sound from your higher strings than you have experienced before.

Tonerider Pickups featured in latest Redback Guitars

The latest F Series Electric Guitars from Redback Guitars are to be powered by Tonerider pickups, the fast growing Sydney, Australia guitar maker has confirmed. This latest product line will feature a range of Tonerider pickups including the Generator and Rocksong humbucker models, Classic Blues single coils and Tonerider's flagship product, the Rebel 90 a P90-inspired pickup that fits in a standard humbucker route.

Seymour Duncan releases The SH-15 Alternative 8

Seymour Duncan has announced their first production pickup to use an Alnico 8 magnet, the SH-15 Alternative 8. The Alternative 8 starts with hot coils wound for maximum output. With the addition of the Alnico 8 magnet, the output is enhanced with a huge, punchy sound, full of fat mids and present upper-mids. This is a dynamic pickup that doesn't get "sizzly" or dark. The Alnico 8 is perfect for all rock styles and it's great for use with high gain amps.

Tonerider launches Strat Pickups for lefties

Tonerider introduces a new left-handed version of its best-selling Pure Vintage (TRS1). Production of the LH pickup has commenced and will be available in dealer stores and distributors in mid-May. The list price is $135.00 US dollars per set.

Yamaha introduces Virtuoso Series Gig Bags

Yamaha has introduced the Virtuoso Series gig bags for guitarists and electric bassists. These high-quality bags, designed for entry level players to professionals, are loaded with features for any musician's traveling needs.

Swineshead Pickups introduces two new eight String Humbuckers

Swineshead Pickups has introduced two new eight String Humbuckers. The Eclipse has been designed to provide a clean, expressive and even tone for all eight strings. With a clean amp the tone is clear and articulate, played dirty the Eclipse delivers an articulate tone that which lets the full sound of the guitar shine through.

Waves introduces the iGTR Personal Guitar Processor

Waves Audio has introduced the iGTR Personal Guitar Processor, following in the footsteps of their critically acclaimed Waves GTR and GTR3 guitar interface and amplifier modeling packages.

Line 6 launches POD X3 Pro signal processor

Line 6 has released a new model in its POD line of guitar-focused signal processors, the X3 Pro. The Pro is able to handle two instruments simultaneously, each with a separate chain of sounds and effects. Musicians can alternately treat the system like an A/B/Y box, dividing a signal input into two chains that can be selected or combined for effects such as dual-layering.

Axon Technologies unveils Duncan designed Hexaphonic Pickup

AXON Technologies are to announce the availability of the new PU100 Hex Pickup. The AXON series of guitar-to-MIDI-controllers ensure great sound, and the new AXON PU 100 hexaphonic pickup ensures accurate signal transmission.

Avant Electronics now shipping Avantone Active Mixcubes

The AVANTONE Active MixCubes have finally arrived. The new powered version of the world famous “de facto” standard MixCubes has been highly anticipated for a long time. The new Active MixCubes each contain a separate 35-watt Class A/B amplifier with cooling handled by Convection/Heat Sink-Aluminum Fins. The Drivers are 8 ohm 5.25” Cast Aluminum Frame / Paper Cones in a Sealed Cabinet Design with a frequency response of 90 Hz to 17 kHz. Coated in an Elegant Polyurethane high gloss “Butter-Cream” finish the 7mm thick neoprene pad embedded into the base of the cabinet serves as a skid-resistant acoustic isolator.

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