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Fender Replacement Necks and Bodies

Fender now offers authentic replacement necks and bodies for their popular electric guitars and basses.

DR Neon Hi-Def White Luminescent Strings

DR Strings introduces the K3 Neon Hi-Def White strings - UV and Black Light active strings for electric, bass and acoustic.

PRS \m/ Pickups - High-Ouput Humbuckers

Paul Reed Smith introduces the \m/ Pickup, new humbucking pickups designed for high-gain metal music.

Ambrosonics Pickup Director

The Ambrosonics Pickup Director, a programmable pickup switching system, is now available for various guitar models.

PedalSnake Vari-Chain System

PedalSnake unveils the Vari-Chain System, a customizable cable kit for conveniently powering up your guitar pedals.

Railhammer Hyper Vintage Chrome

Railhammer now offers their popular Hyper Vintage humbucker pickup in chrome plated finish.

Bigsby 1953 Original Telecaster Shim

Bigsby brings back the original Telecaster Shim, as found on early Bigsby B16 equipped Telecasters from 1953 to 1954.

Line 6 Sonic Port - iOS Audio Interface

Line 6 introduces Sonic Port, a digital audio interface designed for connecting your guitar to your iOS device.

Zexcoil T-bucker

The Zexcoil T-Bucker pickup is a noiseless bridge pickup for Telecaster style guitars, featuring PAF and single coil voicing.

Bigrock Power Pins

Bigrock Engineering introduces Power Pins, a unique none-intrusive bridge pin system that simplifies stringing and tuning.

EHX Next Step Pedalboard Cradle

The EHX Pedalboard Cradle is a convenient tool for securing your Next Step expression pedals into a pedalboard.

Seymour Duncan Nazgul Pickup

Seymour Duncan introduces the Nazgul pickup, high-output humbuckers for 7 and 8 string players.

Firefly Pick with LED Light

The Firefly Pick produces LED light with every pick attack, it is currently a Kickstarter project by Capcitron.

Kaces 5-Ply Hardshell Guitar Cases

Kaces reintroduces their hardshell guitar cases into the market, this time featuring more durable 5-ply wood construction.

Guitar Speaker Cabinet Roundup

To help you find the best guitar speaker cabinet for your rig, we present you with the most sought after and best selling models available.

TronicalTune Automatic Tuner

Musikmesse 2013 at Frankfurt will feature many interesting products, and one particular standout is the TronicalTune Automatic Tuner.

Schertler Magnetico Pickups

Schertler introduces Magnetico, a pickup that utilizes a unique design featuring active multiple coil technology.

Schecter Custom Shop Pickups

Schecter Guitar research goes back into producing custom wound pickups for 6-string, 7-string and 8-string guitars.

Peavey AmpKit Link HD

Peavey is now shipping the upgraded version of their iOS audio guitar interface, the AmpKit Link HD.

Dunlop Heavy Core Bass Strings

Dunlop announced the availability of the new Heavy Core Bass Strings for bass players who tune down.

Seymour Duncan Pegasus 7 & 8 String Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan announces the availability of their latest humbucking pickup for 7 & 8 String guitars, the Pegasus 7 & 8.

Pre-Wired Assemblies for Guitar by MOD Kits DIY

MOD Kits DIY introduces their new instrument modification kit, the new Pre-Wired Assemblies, an upgrade pack for electric guitars.

Suhr Jim Kelley Power Attenuator

Suhr introduces the Jim Kelley Power Attenuator, a utility that lets you get consistent amp tones regardless of volume.

MCB-T2 Pickup Switch Upgrade for Peavey Raptor Plus

Awesome-Guitars introduce the MCB-T2 Pickup Switch Upgrade, adds 35 pickup tones to a Peavey Raptor Plus.

Eastwood Guitars Search for the World's Ugliest Guitar

Help Eastwood Guitars find and recreate the World's Ugliest Guitar, from among some odd looking vintage instruments.

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