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Antares ATG-6 Technology Demonstration

Antares have held a demonstration session of their ATG-6 "Atuo-Tune for Guitar" Technology, and we have the video.

Rotosound Add 45-100 Gauge Nickel Strings To Their Swing Bass Range

Rotosound have just added 45-100 gauge nickel

GoGo Gadget Clip On Tuner!

Wowsers! The new GoGo Tuner TT-1 is easy to understand

New Site to Buy and Sell Metal Memorabilia aims to become the "go to" site for metalheads to find music, videos, memorabilia, clothing, jewellery, posters, instruments, amps and more.

Effects Pedals and Guitar Strings Giveaways

5 TC Electronic TonePrints pedals and 20 sets of Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings are currently up for grabs.

JAM - A New Guitar A/D Input Device for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Apogee Electronics have released JAM - a new A/D guitar interface for iOS devices.

Tortex TIII picks now shipping from Dunlop

Dunlop are using the 30th anniversary of their Tortex line of guitar picks to launch the new Tortex TIII.

ALESIS GuitarLink Plus - 1 Cable to connect your Guitar to your Computer

ALESIS have announced the immediate availability of GuitarLink Plus, which connects guitars to computers with a single USB cable.

Buy a Bare Knuckle Pickup and get a free set of Rotosound Strings

You've probably heard of the Roundwound strings from Rotosound, now they've joined up with fellow British company Bare Knuckle Pickups for this promotion.

Ultra Low Capacitance Guitar Cable Patent Awarded for ZEROCAP

ZEROCAP ultra low capacitance guitar cable technology has brought discerning guitarists new vistas in tonal clarity. We are pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has just awarded the first of several patents on our ZEROCAP technology.

How to set up a Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo

In 1977, Floyd Rose began his career as an innovator. Floyd's locking tremolo changed the electric guitar forever and even impacted rock history itself.

New Tubes from JJ Electronic

CE Distribution, the primary distributor of JJ Electronic vacuum tubes, is pleased to announce the release of three new JJ tube types.

The Creamery's Latest Handwound Pickups

I quite like Jaime Campbell's style - his latest effort is a flat-pole hot-wound Stratocaster pickup set for a fatter twist on the classic Strat tone.

i-tab v1.2

The i-tab grabbed the headlines when it launched in spring 2010. It offered for the first time a pocket sized unit

Swing-O Handwound Pickups

Jaime Campbell, who makes custom guitars & handwound pickups from 'The Creamery', his workshop in Manchester has just launched his new design of pickup.

Takslyd - New Handmade Glass Guitar Slide

This story has been removed

Atlantic Quality Design's New ZEROCAP VC system

It's not every morning you sit down at your computer and discover something that has happened for the "first time in the known universe"

Cordoba's New Clip-on Digital Tuner

Cordoba say their new digital tuner is ultra compact, unobtrusive, & designed to work in even the noisiest settings - and looking at the specs it certainly does look compact.

D-CYCLE - Recycled Hand Made Guitar Straps

This was an interesting little guitar strap announcement I found in my inbox this morning...

CE Distribution Announces MOD Oil Capacitors

CE Distribution have announced the release of their new MOD Oil Capacitors. Vintage oil capacitors have been sought after for many years.

New James Hetfield Picks from Jim Dunlop

Jim Dunlop have released a new series of guitar picks called "Hetfield Black Fang". Here's what Dunlop are saying about the new picks:

Peterson is now shipping the StroboClip

Peterson Strobe Tuners has added a clip-on style strobe tuner to their Virtual Strobe series line-up. The StroboClip is designed for acoustic instruments and contains many new features not found in traditional clip-on tuners.

Epiphone introduces the ProBucker Pickup

Epiphone has announced the introduction of the Epiphone ProBucker pickup. Currently offered in the LP Traditional PRO (and other models coming soon), these pickups are an inspired version of Gibson's BurstBucker, featuring unevenly wound coils and Alnico-II magnets that replicate that "Patent Applied for" airy tone. You'll love the way they sound!

Red Musical Accessories releases the Gauntlet Guitar Hanger

Red Musical Accessories has introduced the Gauntlet hanger, a new guitar hanger aimed at giving musicians and musical retailers a hanger option with a more sophisticated design and a higher quality construction.

The V-Slide HUSKY from V-Picks

The new V-Slide HUSKY is 1/4" thick and 2 1/2" long. Plenty of weight and mass to create the tone, bite and sustain wanted and needed by the best of slide players. Yet, light enough that you can use this slide on a guitar with the strings set at medium height.

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