Korg Rimpitch Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole Tuner

Korg unveils Rimpitch, a unique acoustic guitar tuner that clips to the bottom rim of the sound hole.

Korg Rimpitch

The tuner's discrete placement solves the viewing angle and convenience issues of clip-type tuners. It aligns with your natural viewing angle and it will not get in the way when you store your guitar.

In this age, convenience is of utmost importance, driving manufacturers like Korg to continue to push the boundaries of guitar gear usability. Even the seemingly straightforward and already effective compact clip-on tuner is not safe from innovation - with some guitar players complaining that tuners attached to the headstock can be annoying and too distant from the eye.

Korg removes these minor annoyances by designing a tuner that discretely clips to a position where guitar players naturally look at, which is the sound hole. Rimpitch is a round shaped clip-on tuner that attaches to the lower rim of the sound hole, providing a convenient viewing angle when tuning.

Adding to its natural line of sight position is the high-brightness LED interface, ensuring that you can see the tuning meter and string name indicator properly regardless of lighting conditions. The same piezo pickup technology found on Korg's other tuners are used to detect the pitch by sensing the vibration of the guitar body. Since the tuner clips on the sound hole, the piezo pickup detects the sound faster and more accurately compared to headstock clip-on tuners.

Another plus for the Rimpitch is its unobtrusive design, the LED interface faces the performer and is virtually unnoticed by your audience. It's compact design will also allow you to leave the Rimpitch attached when storing your guitar in its case, which is not possible for regular clip-on tuners. This makes transportation and storage even more convenient, removing the need for a separate storage for the tuner, and reducing the risk of it getting lost or damaged.

The Rimpitch is designed to attach to round sound holes with a diameter of 100 mm±3 mm, making it ideal for a wide variety of acoustic guitars. The portion that touches the guitar is made of rubber to ensure that it doesn't damage your precious instrument.

The Korg Rimpitch tuner will start shipping in early summer with a street price of around $24.99. Visit Korg for further details.

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