Mojotone Quiet Coil Pickups

Mojotone releases Quiet Coil, a new Strat style pickup that has the same look and tone without the noise.

Mojotone Quiet Coil Pickups

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This noise-canceling pickup features the exact same materials used on vintage single coils, so it does not have any modern PC boards and batteries, also it does not have stacked coils and other designs found on humbuckers.

Quiet coil is an interesting approach to noiseless single coil pickups, aiming to stay true to classic single coil pickups in terms of look, feel and sound, and it does so without unwanted noise and 60-cycle hum.

There are currently two available models, '58 Quiet Coil and '67 Quiet Coil, and as the name suggests, each one are based on vintage pickups built on the specific years mentioned. This means that the '58 Quiet Coil, is a noiseless reproduction of the pickups found on old late '50s era Stratocasters, while the '67 Quiet Coil follow the late '60s design and sound.

Late '50s era Strats are known for having a bright and airy tone, a popular example of this is Eric Johnson's iconic sunburst Strat, which exhibits bell like clean tones that have become his signature sound. On the other had, '60s era Strats have a slightly hotter output with more emphasis on the mid range, mostly associated with rock and blues guitarists. Now these two different sounds are now available in the Quick Coil line, minus the unwanted noise that genuine vintage single coil pickups are plagued with.

David Shepherd, Mojotone's pickup designer, adds, "Quiet Coils also completely eliminate the common problems associated with standard single coil Strat pickups. The player never has to worry about string spacing and radius issues or the magnets pulling the strings out of tune. You can adjust the pickups closer to the strings and bend the strings heavily without losing focus or sustain."

The new Quiet Coils are available as single pickups or in sets of 3, you can pick between three color options that include White, Black and Aged White, which is great for older Stratocasters. The expected MAP for a set of 3 Quick Coils is $229.95, or you can opt for a single pickup with MAP of $79.95, so you can mix and match them with your other pickups.

For more information and to check out their line up of pickups, visit Mojotone.

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