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Guide to a Basic Home Recording Setup

The purpose of this guide is to give you an understanding of the basic equipment you'll want to have for recording at home to your computer.

How To Craft An Epic Guitar Solo

One aspect of lead guitar that I believe is grossly overlooked is the art of structuring a guitar solo.

7 String Chord Building - B minor

For the benefit of all those newcomers who are concerned that they are merely playing the mighty 7 like their old 6 and that they feel they ought to be doing more 7-specific work...

7 String Major Scale Modes

I read Mike Overly's bit about modes in an earlier edition of GNW. I thought my 7 string major scale modes template might be of some interest to those privileged few that wield 7 strings.

Spider Tapping

There are so many great techniques that have been invented on the guitar over the past 35 years that some of them just fall through the cracks and nobody really thinks about them anymore.

Tips for Beginning With Slide Guitar

If you're having trouble getting into slide guitar then these tips will prove useful...

7 Strings Good, 6 Strings Bad

I'm sure most axe wielders have given the 7-string guitar some thought. Certainly there is no shortage of opinion from artists in the press.

Pick and Choose

So much emphasis is placed on playing well with your fingering hand that often our rhythm hand technique falls behind the curve.

Controlling Feedback on an Acoustic Guitar

Advice on how to control feedback when you play an acoustic guitar through an amplifier.

Seven String Blues Scale

I've produced some Blues Scale-work that might be useful for all those aspirant 7 stringers out there and any curious 6 stringers might like to take a look at how the expanded fretboard provides new and interesting options for a well-trodden pattern.

CAGED with Kirk Lorange

Hi, again, fellow twang enthusiast. See? I told you I'd be back.

Licks à Lorange

Hi, fellow guitar enthusiast. it's been a while since I've dropped in here but I have a new series of licks I think you might like.

Fender University - Output Jack and Speaker Access Tutorials

Fender University released two new videos - Changing Your Output Jack and Changing Your Speakers - expanding their collection of basic guitar maintenance tutorial videos.

Beginner Advice: Easiest Way to Learn Guitar in Under a Year

Is it possible to learn guitar without years and years of practice? The answer to this is yes of course, however it comes down to what exactly it is you want to get from playing guitar.

Blues Lesson 2

In the last lesson we reviewed the basic blues progression along with using the 9th an 13th chords (Click Here for Blues Lesson 1).

Speed Slurring and Tapping

Hi everyone. I'd like to share a really fast slurred lick today from my epic tune "Over Age". This lick chimes in as part of the third chorus when I wanted the song to stay hot after a "smoking gun" solo section.

The Melody Within

This week I'd like to write a bit about my favorite subject again, The Chord Of The Moment.

Right Hand Tapping Basics

If you're left handed, just replace the word "right" with the word "left" while reading this article. :^)

Music Is Mathematics

Awful as it sounds, it's the truth. But don't let it scare you off. The highest number I've ever heard in the context of music is 13, so you don't have to be a genius to figure it out.

50 Blues Rhythms, 50 Jazz-Blues Licks and 50 Bass Grooves DVD

Publisher eMedia introduces three new instructional DVDs - 50 Blues Rhythms, 50 Jazz-Blues Licks and 50 Bass Grooves You Must Know.

Learn to Play Van Halen Vol.3 DVD

LickLibrary launched volume 3 of their Learn to Play Van Halen series, with over three hours of guitar lessons.

The UK's Rockschool releases new Grades 4 & 5 Hot Rock Guitar Books

These new books feature ACDC, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Eric Clapton and more.

This Is Learn Guitar With David Brent

David Brent is the man behind the fictitious character Ricky Gervais

Free Bass Lesson - Using Rests for Better Basslines

Rockschool releases a free bass guitar tutorial that can help students understand the role of rests in building grooves.

Make Your Guitar Sound Like a Pink Floyd Synthesizer

Bill Ruppert sent us this video which is part of the Effectology video series he does for Electro-Harmonix.

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