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Chords - What are they and where do they come from?

I think we all know the importance of chords when it comes to making music, but to really play well it helps to understand how chords work and how the notes in them are selected.

Blues Licks You Must Know - 3 New Guitar Lab DVDs

EMedia Music unveils three new Guitar Lab DVDs, each one providing 50 essential blues licks that "you must know".

Paul Gilbert Online School of Rock Guitar

Learn rock guitar from an experienced virtuoso with ArtistWorks' latest offering - Paul Gilbert Online School of Rock Guitar.

Learn to Play John Mayer from Lick Library

The Learn to Play John Mayer DVD will teach you how to play five of his blues inspired tracks note for note.

Improve Your 7 String Guitar Creativity

Would you like to know how to play 7 string guitar with a higher level of creativity?

Guitar Method App for iPad

The Guitar Method App from eMedia is an accessible and portable guitar tuition software for the iPad.

Reading Music: Should I Know How to?

If you are like most musicians and you cannot sight read music, chances are that you feel a little "guilty" about it.

Guitar Recording Advice For Professional Musicians

Making it in the music industry and playing music in a very successful band is a goal that many musicians aspire to reach.

Lick Library Quick Licks Gary Moore Volume 2

The Quick Licks Gary Moore Volume 2 DVD will help you learn 30 Gary Moore guitar licks in the style of blues and rock.

How to Play Guitar and Sing

For many (including myself), it seems like some people are just able to play an instrument and sing at the same time like it was nothing.

Capo Lane

One thing I have yet to mention in my articles is the use of capos. I use them all the time.

When to Change Strings

When using metal strings for guitar, bass, violin etc. playing there are some things to keep in mind and to watch for when changing strings and for doing a little maintenance.

Home Fretboard Care

Chip's guitar maintenance tip this time is regarding the care of your fretboard - yes cleaning your guitar fretboard is unavoidable...

Save the world with your Guitar Chords in WildChords

Learn to play guitar to save the world in WildChords, as scientists discover that rampaging animals are easily stopped by playing specific guitar chords.

The Audible Frequency Range and Describing Tone

As guitarists, most of us sooner or later find ourselves in pursuit of tone.

Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson - Chord Tone Melody

Hi, fellow guitar enthusiast. See? I told you I'd be back. This week I've got three lessons for you, all relating to the same subject: Chord Tone Melody.

Anthony Wellington Bass Clinic at Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar brings Anthony Wellington to teach at their New York City headquarters

Guitar For Beginners

If you are new to the Guitar then bookmark this page now.

Flat Ones -- A look at Major Seventh Chords

I've posted a new free lesson. I played it finger style, but the lesson is more about one particular flavor of chord -- the Major Seventh.

The Modes from Lick Library

The Modes from Lick Library is a 7 DVD guitar lesson series featuring tracks and lessons in the style of Slash, Van Halen, Vai, Satriani, Santana, Malmsteen and Schenker.

How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

How To String An Acoustic Guitar is part of a series of basic tips and tutorials here on for beginner guitarists.

Guitar String Notes & Their Names

Guitar String Notes is the first in a series of basic tips and tutorials here on for beginner guitarists.

Paul Gilbert style Major Triads

Another good guitar lesson from Dave at Next Level Guitar.

Steve Vai Style and Techniques Lesson

Get some insights into the Steve Vai sound - both in theory and application.

Learn to Play Metallica - Volume 3 has just released "Learn to Play Metallica - Volume 3" DVD.

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