Heavy Metal Degree Under Attack

New College Nottingham (NCN) is under attack by education campaigners for offering a two-year heavy metal degree.

Heavy Metal Degree Under Attack

This unique degree is considered by many as the first of its kind, but the Campaign for Real Education group is saying that it is a "waste of time".

However the school stands by the degree, which was developed by Liam Maloy, a lecturer in music performance at NCN for seven months. Far from being like a music tutorial or lesson, the Heavy Metal Degree is designed to be academically rigorous course that tackles everything from history, theory and actual performance.

Mr. Maloy is quoted by BBC news saying "It is a degree, so it will be academically rigorous. In the past, heavy metal has not been taken seriously and is seen as lacking academic credibility when compared with other genres such as jazz and classical music. But that's just a cultural construction."

Basically, he is saying that since classical music and jazz are accepted, why not offer professional courses for modern styles of music like Heavy Metal? The degree in question is set to start in September and will include unique modules like the role of heavy metal on films and video games, and the history of heavy metal. It will also cover typical music degree subjects such as music business and other music theory.

The 2nd-year of the course will have students tour the UK in an actual heavy metal band to get a firsthand experience of what the scene and local music is like. The degree aims to equip students to professionally compose and perform heavy metal music.

Upon completion of the foundation 2-year degree, the students can continue their studies in music to get a full degree awarded by Nottingham Trent University. Chris McGovern, chairman f the Campaign for Real Education, however comments: "There are too many degrees being offered that lack credibility in the marketplace. I suspect that may be the case with this course, unless you want to be a heavy metal star, in which case why would you need a degree in the subject?"

He further questions the validity of the course by saying: "It might seem an attractive, easy option to some people. But you don't need to do a degree in heavy metal. It's a waste of time."

Before judging for yourself, you can find out more about the Heavy Metal Degree being offered by visiting New College Nottingham's website.

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Heavy Metal degree

I would agree that this degree may not be very advantageous in today's marketplace, at least as far as securing employment. I'm a guitarist, folk and blues and some jazz. I also am a college and classically trained keyboardist in church organ and harpsichord. Unless you are going to go on in the academic field as either a researcher or college-level teacher it's a waste of time to get a degree in such a live-performance oriented field. Audiences don't care whether you have a degree! If you want a degree, get successful in live performance first then donate a ton of money to the college of your choice and they will reward you with an honorary doctorate. Frankly, I think that such degrees are just a bit of academic scamming to make the college look like it is really up with the latest in cultural phenomena - with more students they can ask for more money from the government and pay more heavyweight academic types to be professors. Then they can turn out students who will later go on to teach in colleges too. And one comedian said, "That's not a college. It's Amway with a track team!"

"That's not a college. It's

"That's not a college. It's Amway with a track team!" brilliant :)

I would have loved it, but...

When I went to college, I would have loved a degree program like that. But I have to agree with the other guy. No audience cares if you went to school for it. We get a similar thing out of GIT here in Los Angeles and it doesn't really improve your career prospects after.

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