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Bluegrass Banjo Master Class DVD released in April

Bill Evans thorough anaylsis of crucial licks and techniques for bluegrass banjo, Bluegrass Banjo Master Class - Power Pickin' Vol. 4, will be released April 4. The DVD runs for 2 Hour 20 minute DVD and includes a tab booklet.

Why join a real band when you've got MTV?

MTV, Harmonix (the guys behind the GuitarHero videogame) and Electronic Arts have teamed up to make real bands and real instruments a thing of the past. They are creating the videogame Rock Band.

MXTabs to reopen: Will offer licensed legal guitar tab

Musicnotes announced it has acquired and plans to reopen the popular guitar tablature website, MXTabs.net, working directly with music publishers in offering free, licensed legal guitar tab downloads.

And Finally... 20/03/07

This is a round up of odd, weird, funny and sometimes really impressive music videos, sites and stories we have picked up while scouring the web. If you see any outrageous or intriguing music related stuff out there, lets us know about it.

First Two-Way Humidity Control System for Guitar

- Press Release A major concern for musicians is maintaining the proper moisture content for treasured instruments. Guessing when to refill or to adjust a humidifier can perplex even the experts.

Shark Inlay Releases New Custom Truss Rod Cover Designs

- Press Release Long known for their custom inlay work, Shark Inlay has released a number of new custom inlaid truss rod covers for PRS, Taylor, and Ovation Guitars (Gretsch models coming soon).

Berkleemusic announces new guitar-based certificate programs

Berkleemusic has announced the release of two new guitar-based certificate programs enrolling now for their April 9th term. The 5-course Guitar Styles Professional certificate program provides guitarists with the foundational knowledge in Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Rhythm and Groove styles, as well as instruction on selecting, combining, and arranging guitars, effects, and the amps used by the pros.


I've been writing a series of stories about my experiences as a guitar player in a cover band. It's called "Roadhouse Stories." Here's another one of the stories: "SUPER CHIEF"

The Heavier Headstock Myth

I'd like to talk about a very important discovery I made a couple of years ago. It deals with how increasing your guitar's headstock mass can increase your sustain. I'd always regarded this theory as a bit of a myth - until I experienced it first hand!


At rec.music.makers.guitar this week there was talk of Peavey buying out Gibson! Posts included:

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