Get Paid to Write TABs

Guitar Pro song encoders are required by Synaptic Stuff - developers of the Pocket Jamz GuitarTabs iPad App.

Pocket Jamz GuitarTabs has a number of useful features for taking your Tabs mobile including speeding up and slowing down the tempo, loop points for repeating difficult sections of a song, and a virtual fretboard to display fingering.

Their App also has a special feature to allow users to download licensed Tabs from their store - but before they can sell Tabs they need to have them encoded, and that's where you come in.

They want the encoding work done using either Guitar Pro for Windows or Guitar Pro for Mac.

You'll need to get in quick - they only have a couple of weeks to finish their current project, but tell me they will have more work available down the track.

Here is what Synaptic Stuff requires if you would like to apply:

  • You must be Knowledgeable in Guitar Pro (Beginner to Expert)
  • Be able to commit to tight deadlines
  • Must provide sample works or a portfolio
  • Be willing to provide revisions if needed

If you are interested in applying or would like more information then send an email to: [email protected] (don't email

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