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T-Rex New Facebook Page - Win a Tonebug Pedal

T-Rex, makers of guitar effects pedals and power supplies, are promoting their new Facebook page.

TC Electronic Launch New guitar effects pedals at NAMM

TC Electronic are introducing 7 new guitar pedals at Winter NAMM 2011.

NAMM 2011 - New Eventide Space Reverb Stompbox

Eventide have put out this release for their NAMM product announcement:

Oops - Sorry to TC Electronic!

This article has moved - click here for "TC Electronic Launch New guitar effects pedals at NAMM" Related News: TC Electronic's iB Modified G-System and Nova Delay

Think Sonically! A Ground-Up Guide to Building a Pedalboard that Evolves Your Playing

There’s more to life than technique. Sure, it’s a beautiful thing, but some of the coolest guitarists around think texturally instead of technically.

Fire Bottle Tube Booster Now Shipping

This little booster vintage tube preamp in a pedal is used as a clean boost on lower gain settings, and when running on full, pushes your valve amp into overdrive.

$50 off M13 Stompbox Modeler from Line 6

If you buy a Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler between November 25 and 28, 2010 - you will get a $50 saving.

gig-fx Launches Peter Frampton Signature Megawah Pedal

Peter Frampton has endorsed a gig-fx Megawah pedal specially tailored to his specifications.

Your iPad can now become a Stompbox

Stompbox - digital effects unit for the iPad from Limelight Software. Wanna jump on your iPad? Figuratively, not literally of course.

Vibesware Releases GR-Junior - A New Compact Guitar Resonator

Markus Pahl, CEO of Vibesware, dropped us a line this week to tell us about their new GR-Junior Guitar Resonator. Markus also lays claim to being the inventor of the Guitar Resonator.

Stone the Philosopher, Long Live the King!

New from Pigtronix: The Philosopher King.

The Enticer - Limited Edition Tube Overdrive Pedal Kit

The Enticer is a limited edition tube overdrive pedal kit based on a new-old-stock original RCA 12AU7A vacuum tube.

T-Rex introduces two new additions to the Tonebug Pedal Line

T-Rex Engineering has introduced the fourth and fifth members of its incredibly popular Tonebug family of pedals: the Tonebug Phaser and the Tonebug Chorus/Flanger.

DDyna Music announces the BASS10 Compressor Pedal

EQ, compression and switchable overdrive in a double wide die-cast box, the BASS10 packs in plenty of tone versatility for bass and guitar players alike.

T-Rex Effects introduces Mudhoney II and Octavius

T-Rex Effects adds to their distortion/overdrive and modulation pedal lineups with the Mudhoney II and the Octavius. T-Rex Effects added a second distortion channel to the Mudhoney to create the Mudhoney II. Each channel has 4 controls for each channel: Gain, Level, Tone, and Boost. The dual distortion pedal features the same boost function from the original Mudhoney with a huge amount of range.

Aguilar Amplification announces the Filter Twin

Aguilar Amplification has announced the Filter Twin dual envelope filter. The Filter Twin uses two identical filters sweeping in opposite directions, one up and one down. This unique design creates classic 70’s-inspired funk sounds and completely new and original filter tones.

DigiTech introduces the BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor

DigiTech has introduced the new BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee. The BDP90 is powered by the AudioDNA 2 processor and gives players digital representation of their favorite vintage, modern, and boutique equipment including stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, modulation effects, delays, reverbs, and even special effects such as the legendary Whammy.

Electro-Harmonix introduces the 44 Magnum Power Amp

Following the introduction of the innovative 22 Caliber Guitar Amp, Electro-Harmonix presents a more powerful 44-watt version in our smallest pedal-sized package. The 44 Magnum Power Amp, designed with guitar in mind, is also at home with bass, keyboards or virtually any electric instrument.

Wampler Pedals releases Talent Booster Pedal

Wampler Pedals has introduced a new boost. The Talent Booster features a Gain knob, Volume knob, and a switch that allows users to add some mids and highs. When the Gain is turned up, the pedal adds to the user's tone, but does not change it. According to Wampler, the transparent JFET-based booster was designed to be touch-sensitive and warm.

Aguilar Amplification announces the AGRO Bass Overdrive Pedal

Aguilar Amplification has announced the AGRO bass overdrive pedal, the newest addition to their family of effects for bassists. The AGRO is based on the saturation channel of Aguilar’s celebrated AG 500 bass head. Capable of producing everything from warm, tube-like overdrive to full on distortion, this pedal will give you the grind you need without sucking out your low end.

Pro Tone Pedals announces the Blasko Bass Overdrive

The Blasko Bass Overdrive comes equipped with a Baxandall EQ system and sits in the pocket of low- to medium-high gain. Additionally, the unit can be powered anywhere from 9-18 volts. The Blasko is hand made in the USA, 100% true-bypass with grounded input for noise-free operation, and comes backed by a five year warranty.

FuzzHugger(fx) releases the Phantom Ring

Following a month of pre-orders, FuzzHugger(fx) has released the Phantom Ring--a hand-built, fully analog, multi-effect pedal! With three footswitchable modes and two voice toggles, the Phantom Ring delivers an incredible range of octave (up and down) and ring modulation tones! While the pedal delivers some classic tones, it's unique circuitry also generates many new and inspiring sounds.

DigiTech now shipping the JamMan Stereo Looper Pedal

The JamMan Stereo will store over 35 minutes of stereo, CD-quality loops in 99 loops internally as well as having a SD memory card expansion slot, giving the artist the ability to store up to 16 hours of material in an additional 99 slots with the optional card.

Elite Tone launches the Fillmore Thunder Effect Pedal

Elite Tone has released the new 'Fillmore Thunder' a 2x channel guitar effect pedal. This limited-edition pedal effectively reproduces the legendary sound produced by Jimi Hendrix in the latter half of his career. "It is a revolutionary take on an old sound", says Elite Tone President David Nelson.

Vox announces the Ice 9 Overdrive Pedal

VOX Amplification has introduced the Ice 9 Overdrive, the fourth effect pedal created in their continuing collaboration with Joe Satriani. As with all of the previous VOX / Joe Satriani effect pedals, the Ice 9 has been created to provide a versatility of tone while meeting Satriani's strict standards. With two distinct overdrive modes, versatile tone-shaping and the ever-popular "More" switch, the Ice 9 delivers a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains remarkably easy to use. The name is borrowed from the title of one of Satriani's popular songs on his smash 1987 album Surfing with the Alien.

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