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Ben Fargen launches Sonic Edge, with the J&J Guitar Effect Pedal

Sonic Edge is a newly launched company focused on manufacturing best-in-class guitar and bass effects pedals. The company was founded by Ben Fargen, founder and CEO of Fargen Amplification.

New HT Valve Effects Pedals from Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar has announced the launch of three new effects pedals: HT–DELAY, HT–MODULATION and HT–REVERB. Combining real valve tone with the flexibility of digital technology these pedals deliver eight stunning reverb, delay or modulation effects. When the Blackstar team embarked on the journey to design the ultimate digital effects pedals they wanted to develop products that had none of the harshness of some digital products and provide the warmth and musicality of vintage effects pedals which players love.

Introducing the Vibesware Guitar Resonator GR-1

The Guitar Resonator is a new effect device for electric guitar feedback playing. It agitates one or multiple guitar strings by a magnetic field from a string driver mounted on a stand. It produces any string vibration feedback live on stage, in recording studios, and at home. It gives you powerful and reproducible feedback harmonics at any sound volume, even while playing through headphones.

FEA Labs announces the Growler Pedal

FEA Labs has announced the FEA Growler pedal as the forth pedal to their lineup. The Growler is designed to add second harmonic warmth for the player who is looking to add that extra "growl" and "punch" to their bass tone. The analog harmonic octave tone generated by the pedal blends with natural tone of the bass guitar to add new dimensions to the fundamental dynamics of the tone.

FuzzHugger(fx) releases the Chalice Fuzz Pedal

FuzzHugger(fx) has released the Chalice, responding to demand for a non-oscillating version of their best-selling AB-Synth fuzz! At its heart, the Chalice is a high-gain, texturally complex, harmonic fuzz. In addition to delivering all of the AB-Synth's fuzz tones, the Chalice adds a Gain control for an amazing amount of additional textures and responses.

Flynn Amps introduces the FET Booster Pedal

The latest addition to the Flynn Amps range of guitar booster pedals is the all new FET booster. Unlike Flynn Amps Classic OC44 and Rory Gallagher >Hawk pedals this booster features a unique new design. The FET booster preserves your guitar tone while providing loads of pure clean boost with just a touch of FET shimmer and detail. Many modern valve amps can suffer from lifeless clean channels and the FET booster can really invigorate these amps and bring your guitar tone to life.

Handwired-Effect announces VCS-1 Vintage Chorus

Handwired-Effects has announced the VCS-1 Vintage Chorus. VCS-1 was inspired by, and pays homage to one of 80’s analog chorus units that have been famous for its lush and rich sound. This pedal is designed and optimized for both electric and acoustic guitar/bass players who demand the highest audio quality and tank-tough construction.

Electro-Harmonix releases the Deluxe Memory Boy

Electro-Harmonix presents the Deluxe MEMORY BOY analog delay with Tap Tempo. The newest member of the Memory Man family defines the state of the art potential of analog delay, while adding performance features that deliver timing accuracy that separates it from the pack.

TC Electronic’s PolyTune : Tune all your strings at once

This writer is ashamed to admit that all through his attempted career as a guitarist in a gigging band - not once did he use a guitar tuner to save the audience from having to listen to that annoying 'twang twang' of tuning. Fortunately the number of people who had to endure this wasn't that many but for those who did I'm very sorry. If I had it all again I would definitely use the TC Electronic’s PolyTune.

Handwired-Effects announces the VOD-1 Vintage Overdrive

Handwired-Effects has announced the VOD-1 Vintage OverDrive. This strictly limited, up-to-date version of a classic overdrive pedal was designed with a new generation of discerning players in mind who covetes the warm and singing tube-tone of the original "Holy Grail," yet desires an added modern-day kick. The VOD-1 features a 3-way toggle switch for increasing low/mid frequencies making it possible to optimize the tone depending on the pickups of your choice, be it classic single coil or PAF, or even active pickups. Moreover, we added an additional Boost switch that simply boosts the dB of the guitar signal. What goes in, comes out – only louder! It's perfect for soloing, boosting amps or boosting other pedals.

Vocalist announces Live 3 Harmonizer and Pitch Correction Pedal

The Vocalist Live 3 is a powerful yet easy-to-use intelligent vocal harmony processor that automatically generates live multi-part vocal harmony by analyzing guitar chord progressions and the lead voice. The Live 3 gives virtually all artists, soloists and groups alike the ability to perform more songs that in the past had been considered too difficult without professionally trained backup vocalists.

GuitarSlinger presents the Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal

GuitarSlinger Products has collaborated with Dario Lorina (of Lizzy Borden), to produce the Signature Model Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal.

Catalinbread releases Ottava Magus II

Catlinbread presents the Ottava Magus II, octave fuzz effect pedal. Everything you loved about the original, and some really cool new refinements that we think discerning players will appreciate. The first thing folks will probably notice is the new Saturation control – in a nutshell, this feature alters the playing feel making it more saturated (duh!) and spongy. It also adds some more gain into the mix giving you those "Holy crap – mah amp is fixin' to 'splode!" sounds.

Diamond Pedals Bass Comp now shipping

Diamond Pedals has announced the availability of the highly anticipated Bass Comp pedal, a powerful new tool for bassists. Based on the highly succesful Diamond Compressor, the Bass Comp is the first Diamond product designed specifically for use with bass instruments.

Wicked Tools introduces the Spellbinder Pedal

Wicked Tools has announce they are now shipping the new Spellbinder pedal.

Mellowtone releases 'Party Favor' Effects Pedals

Mellowtone has announced the official release of the Party Favor series of affordable handmade boutique guitar effects pedals. Each pedal is a reworking of a classic Mellowtone design, refined for simplicity and affordability. All pedals are true bypass with status LED and run off of a 9-volt battery or AC adapter.

HipKitty Products releases the Glaze Boost/Overdrive Pedal

HipKitty Products has announced the release of their latest effect pedal, the Glaze. The Glaze is a unique boost/overdrive pedal created for warmth and clarity to each note and chord played. The Glaze’s ability to expand and add to the upper harmonic content “Glaze” the upper register notes while allowing the lower register notes to retain clarity and focus.

Aguilar Amplification announces the TLC Compressor

The TLC Compressor is designed to give musicians the ability to control their dynamics in a flexible and musical way, making it an invaluable musical tool for both recording and live use. Our proprietary Trans Linear Control (TLC) circuit enables us to achieve unprecedented levels of performance in a small package.

gig-fx launches the SubWah Bass Pedal

gig-fx inc has announced that the SubWah, a bass version of the popular MegaWah, is now available for sale. The new SubWah captures the signature wide-sweep range and funky low end of the Megawah, but has tailored the frequency ranges for bass guitar. The SubWah was developed with cooperation from top professional bass players in Boston, Nashville and LA, including Bootsy Collins.

Dunlop unleashes the MXR Fullbore Metal Pedal

Ultimate riff power is yours with the FullBore Metal Distortion pedal from MXR. This compact but powerful device is all you need to unleash the most devastating contemporary metal guitar tones ever heard. The FullBore pedal turbocharges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain. This is combined with a built-in Noise Gate to knock out the noise associated with extreme gain levels while also adding definition and tightness to syncopated metal riffs.

Dwarfcraft Devices releases the Hair of the Dog

Dwarfcraft Devices has announced the release of another radical pedal. Hair of the Dog is a bass heavy super fuzzy distortion suited for bass, guitar, and baritone! Includes a noise gate, as well as a "clean/low" blend, allowing undistorted low frequencies through to your amp. Turning down your instrument's volume allows you to create a nice overdrive, too!

Way Huge launches the Angry Troll

The mighty Angry Troll from Way Huge Electronics serves up gorgeous portions of volume and gain to pummel the input of your amp with up to +50dB of gain. It adds bite and punch while transforming your mild mannered tone into a beastly sonic onslaught!

Introducing the Premium Overdrive: Gold Label

Pro Tone Pedals is proud to offer the Gold Label Overdrive, the first in the Premium Overdrive line.The Gold Label Overdrives 18 volt circuit was designed to deliver lush overdrive with the head room to provide a rich clean boost. The Gold Label Overdrive is not for everybody.

Vox releases the V845 Wah Wah Pedal

VOX Amplification has announced the release of the affordable new V845 Wah Wah Pedal.

3D Effects in a Skull Crushing Stomp Box

Destined to create more than just another effects pedal, Tone Box, Inc. sets out to break the mold of traditional stomp box shapes and tones adding a new dimension to every musician's on-stage performance.

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