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Tone Clone Pedals now taking orders for 5 new kits

Tone Clone Pedals has released and is now accepting orders for 5 new kits. The new kits include The Retro Screamer, the Wampler Cranked AC, the Supervisor DS-Uno, the Nobleman ODR-Uno and the Sheriff Ball Breaker.

Rockett Pedals releases the Flex Drive Pedal

Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the first and long awaited design from the new Pro Series Line. The "Flex Drive" is a very versatile over drive pedal that can go from clean boost to scorching lead tones with blues and country in between. The Flex Drive is the first release of an entire series designed for the professional musician.

T-Rex presents the Gristle King Pedal

The Gristle King is a combination of the features of the DGTM and the Luxury Drive, offering a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities.

Effectrode releases Tube Vibra Chorus Pedal

Effectrode is now shipping the Vibra Chorus. The Vibra Chorus pedal was created to reproduce haunting and ethereal chorus voicings with a level purity that is unmatched by any other phaser, Uni-Vibe or vibrato pedal. The phase-shifting circuitry is optimised to operate on the frequency spectrum of electric guitar rather the organ, where the Uni-Vibe attempted to simulate a 'Leslie' rotating system.

Lovepedal presents Mini Pedal Line

Four new compact pedals that deliver ENORMOUS tone including the ECHO baby. a warm studio quality delay with built in modulation. Internal pots control the Mix and Feedback Levels and are easily accessible via access holes in the case. Master Volume is also controlled by an internal pot. Modulation Mode automatically adjusts the Rate and Depth as you adjust the delay time.

Reinhardt Amplification releases the Willard distortion pedal

Reinhardt Amplification has released the Willard distortion pedal. The pedal is based on a 1981 big box Rat. "I originally started playing in the early to mid 80's, and this was my favorite old pedal. I wanted to try to recreate the old tones from that time, and this is what we came up with," said company owner, Bob Reinhardt.

Electro-Harmonix revamps Deluxe Memory Man

The original Deluxe Memory Man is considered by many to be the finest analog delay ever designed. Organic and musical, it has been used by rock and Roll legends and countless musicians since its introduction in 1978. With the desire to make a flawless and smooth transition, Electro-Harmonix proudly announces the "new" Deluxe Memory Man in our rugged and pedal board friendly die-cast enclosure.

FuzzHugger releases the Great Wall Fuzz Pedal

FuzzHugger(fx) has released their third original fuzz pedal, this one being a wall of fuzz as thick and high gain as they come! More extreme than FuzzHugger(fx)'s best-selling Algal Bloom, but every bit as toneful, the Great Wall features a more gained-up tone with a huge bottom end. There are some famously huge fuzz pedals out there, and the Great Wall seeks to improve on all of them in features, tone, and flexibility.

TC Electronic announces the Nova Repeater delay pedal

TC Electronic has announced the Nova Repeater, a new 'no-frills-with-a-sound-that-kills' delay pedal. It is the must-have pedal for demanding guitarists who live by the 'ready-set-rock' mentality of the modern music industry but want their delay sounds to be as classy as they are unique.

Vox adds Tonelab ST to Valvetronix pedal line

VOX Amplification introduces the latest addition to their popular ToneLab line of Valvetronix multi-effects modeling pedals: the ToneLab ST. This compact tone machine features an assignable expression pedal and two footswitches for live performance control. Guitarists can create 50 of their own programs or use any of 50 new preset programs, including 20 "song specific" presets for recreating the sound of classic rock songs.

Eventide now shipping Pitchfactor Harmonizer Stompbox

Eventide has announced that the PitchFactor Harmonizer stompbox is shipping. PitchFactor includes Eventides 10 best Harmonizer pitch and delay effects featuring 1.5 seconds of stereo delay and simultaneous pitch shifting effects resulting in the most flexible stompbox in its class. PitchFactor features 100 stunning presets, USB for upgradeability, instant program change, true bypass, tap tempo, three footswitches for immediate preset access, a built-in Tuner, MIDI, and the lush, uncompromised Eventide sound known around the world.

FuzzHugger releases the AB-Synth Pedal

FuzzHugger has announced the release of the AB-Synth. It's a harmonic-blasting, light-sabery, layered synth fuzz — with tone-shaping gain and texture knobs that take you from searing to splattery! From there, it adds a unique oscillation mode with wild oscillation, blips, self-arpeggiation, more synth tones, and fat octave down! The design began by cascading two fuzz sections from FuzzHugger's acclaimed first fuzz, the Algal Bloom (AB), for densely packed fuzz with twice the gain (and from there, further tweaking the circuit). There are tons of tonal possibilities — from open tone, to compressed and focused, to sizzling — and that's just the standard mode!

Catalinbread releases Dirty Little Secret Pedal

The DLS is a 'foundation' pedal, a sonic platform to build the rest of your sound upon. It reacts to your playing dynamics and respects the character of your guitar's pickups just like the classic British amplifiers it emulates. Use it to set your base crunch rhythm sound into a clean amp, roll your guitar's volume back for cleans. Notice how treble boosters sound like shards of brittle glass or how fuzzes sound cheesy and thin into clean amps? The DLS seamlessly integrates treble boosters and fuzzes with clean low volume amps, delivering a thick cranked sound at reasonable volume levels.

Boss ME-70 Guitar Multiple Effects now shipping

BOSS has announced that the guitar multiple effects ME-70 is now available in stores. Building upon the popular ME-50, the ME-70 is a floor-based processor that offers the compact design and simplicity of a stompbox. With dedicated knobs for each section, a new, high-quality COSM?? engine derived from the GT-10, and added EZ Tone and Phrase Loop features, the ME-70 is the ultimate easy-to-use floorboard powerhouse.

New KH95 Kirk Hammett Signature Wah Pedal from Dunlop

Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Signature Wah. Developed in close collaboration with the metal guitar icon himself, it has been meticulously tuned and tweaked to deliver the wah-wah sound that revolutionized metal solos in the '80s and for all time to come. This is the legendary tone that Kirk dials in on tour, using his DCR1SR Crybaby Rack Wah.

Cause and Effect Pedals debuts the FET Dream Overdrive/Distortion pedal

The FET Dream is a unique take on overdrive/distortion from newly established boutique builder Cause and Effect Pedals. This hand-built and individually tweaked pedal sets a new standard for 'articulate' distortion with unequalled clarity and definition in a harmonically rich pedal, leading to a great feeling of openness and presence in its tone.

Line 6 releases Pocket POD Pack

Line 6 has announced the release of Pocket POD Pack which they say delivers the ultimate Pocket POD experience by including Pocket POD with a complete set of essential extras.

Dunlop unleashes the MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal

The MC-404 CAE Wah was developed by Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics and the Crybaby design team with the goal of creating a highly versatile wah-wah of top-grade components. It features dual Fasel inductors with two distinct voices (high-end emphasis or low to mid resonance), and a built-in MXR MC-401 Boost/LineDriver adds even more flexibility.

MXR announces M-288 Bass Octave Deluxe Pedal

The M-288 Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual-voice octave pedal from MXR Bass Innovations that offers organic analog tone, true bypass, and a wide variety of tone-shaping options. Powered by a single 9-volt battery, MXR's 18-volt Constant Headroom Technology(TM) (CHT) provides studio-performance headroom and superior tracking. Use the Dry knob to mix your direct bass signal with the octave effect, or hit the Mid+ switch to add up to +15dB of internally adjustable low-mid punch (400Hz) or midrange pop (850Hz).

FH(fx) releases the 1134 Fuzz Pedal

FH(fx)has released the 1134 fuzz, an angry, punishing fuzz, but one that does it with a grin on its face and its tongue in its cheek! It's a multi-textured fuzz with many faces! Full on, it's a blistering, splattery synth fuzz explosion...back things off and you'll find several growly fuzz textures and even some great overdrives. There's nothing else like it!

MythFX debuts Midas Clean Boost Pedal

MythFX has announced the debut of its Midas Clean Boost Pedal. The Midas is a boost pedal that provides up to 32dB of CLEAN, transparent, full frequency boost, all in a compact enclosure that saves precious pedalboard space. An internal voltage boost circuit provides a massive amount of headroom while operating the pedal on a standard 9V AC adapter.

IK Multimedia announces StealthPedal

IK Multimedia has presented the StealthPedal, the first guitar audio interface/software controller in a compact wah-style pedal, allowing users to record, play and control the included “Powered By AmpliTube” software, or any other MIDI controllable software, with the same feel and ease of use as a traditional guitar pedal.

Vox launches Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah

Big Bad Wah is one in a series of pedals designed by VOX and guitarist extraordinaire Joe Satriani. The Dual-mode design offers two distinct wah sounds in a single pedal.

DC Voltage announces the P3 Phantom Powered Pedal System

The P3 Phantom Powered Pedal system is revolutionary new way to power almost any number of 9-volt effects pedals without the need for batteries, "wall-wart" style power supplies, extension cords, or power strips. With the P3 system, nothing is lost — a player can always turn P3 off and use their gear "stock."

Pro Tone Pedals presents the Rusty Cooley Signature Overdrive Pedal

Rusty Cooley and guitar effects manufacturer Pro Tone Pedals have joined forces to create an overdrive pedal designed to operate under the highest of gain situations. Rusty is a frequent columnist in all of the major guitar magazines and is consistently named one of the top shredders of all time.

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