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Radial Engineering presents four new Tonebone pedals

Radial Engineering has announced the launch of four new Tonebone pedals, the London, the Hollywood, the Texas, and the Twin-City. All of the Bones features dual-mode functionality in a compact enclosure and employ standard Boss-type 9V power supply.

Carl Martin announces new pedals for Winter NAMM 2009

Carl Martin has announced a handful of new pedals in preparation for January's NAMM Show. The new available pedals are the Vintage DC Drive, Vintage Series Flanger and Rock Bug.

Moog brings back the Taurus Bass Pedals

Moog Music is bringing back the Taurus Bass Pedals in a limited edition, and for a limited time only. Long sought after as the ultimate bass synthesizer, used Taurus pedals from the seventies have been known to sell for as much as $5,000. The new edition of this classic instrument will reproduce the Taurus I sound engine and combine it with modern features, reliability and an affordable price.

Guyatone introduces new 'Mighty Micro' effects

Godlyke has announced the release of the new Guyatone mighty micro series of compact effect pedals. Based on Guyatone’s award-winning Micro Series effects, the mighty micros offer professional-grade features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than the average stompbox.

Diamond Vibrato Pedal is now shipping

Diamond Pedals has announced that the Diamond Vibrato pedal is now shipping to dealers worldwide. The Diamond Vibrato is a pitch modulating design using analog bucket brigade technology, offering guitarists a wide range of sonic possibilities. Expression pedal inputs for both effect depth and speed allows for unprecedented sonic control along with the inclusion of a Chorus control for blending wet and dry signals, for lush analog chorus effects.

MXR releases 76 Vintage Dyna Comp pedal

MXR Custom Shop has released the '76 Vintage Dyna Comp pedal - a recration of the '76 MXR Dyna Comp.

Rocksonics now distributing the V-COMP Tube Compressor

Rocksonics has announced that they are now distributing the V-COMP Tube Compressor. It is a studio valve/opto compressor pedal packaged in a compact floor pedal chassis. The compressor circuitry utilizes an ALL TUBE, Class A audio path using a Vactrol as the gain control element. The tube heater and plate voltage are both regulated DC power for low hum and noise. Attack and decay characteristics have been optimized for guitar but also work very well with bass and vocals.

Molten Voltage releases Toggle Pedal

TOGGLE features Dynamic and Programmable Channel Switching, allowing you to switch between two different analog effect loops using either a tap tempo control or the intensity of your playing.

New BEHRINGER VM1 Vintage Time Machine floor pedal

BEHRINGER has added the VM1 Vintage Time Machine to its line of effects pedals. 550ms of true analog delay deliver the great sound of tape echo machines popular in the 70’s. Effects include Delay, Echo, Chorus and Vibrato. Flexible sound-shaping controls including Effect Mix, Feedback, Delay Time and switchable Chorus / Vibrato with variable Depth dial in a wealth of classic sounds. An Input Level control with Overload LED and a true hard-wire bypass foot-switch assure signal fidelity and integrity.

Carl Martin releases Rock Bug pedal

The Carl Martin Rock Bug is an Amp/Speaker Simulator and Headphone rehearsal unit that operates on a single 9v battery. Although this type of accessory is not new, we believe there is nothing on the market that feels as real or sounds as realistic as the Rock Bug! You simply get the feeling that you are playing through a good tube amp.

Tommy Bolin Signature Fuzz Pedal released

With the assistance and cooperation of the Bolin family and estate, Hartman has recreated Tommy's legendary fuzz tone. Beginning with an original model of Tommy's go-to fuzz and refined against the original, isolated guitar tracks of Bolin master reels, the result is a 3-knob box of dynamite featuring a definitive palette of tones from deep within the Bolin zone.

T-Rex releases the Twister

T-Rex presents the latest member of the family of effect pedals, the Twister. Twister contains both chorus and flanger in one single box, which makes it an excellent choice for guitarists! Chorus and Flanger are two classic effects that are so closely related that a single pedal can produce them both. T-Rex wanted to give you both great effects in a single box. While the chorus adds sparkle and shine to your sound, the flanger puts a funky twist on both chords and single-note lines. Give it a try, and discover how it's the wild and weird effect you've been looking for.

Carl Martin presents Classic Opto-Compressor Pedal

One day while Carl was adding some compression to a guitar track in his studio, he thought, why hasn't anyone built a small opto-compressor for guitarists? An optical compressor performs gain reduction control via a light source into a photo sensitive cell... as the light source gets brighter, the photo sensitive cell sends a signal to reduce dynamic range, or what becomes a compressed signal. Welcome to the Vintage old-school compressor from the days where colouring was an important factor to the sound.

Carl Martin intros Vintage Flanger

Carl Martin has introduced the Vintage Flanger. it features four knobs to control Speed, Depth, Pre-delay and Feedback, plus a dual speed mode that is foot-switchable.

Carl Martin Introduces the DC Drive Pedal

What Vintage series would be complete without an ultra-versatile and simple to use drive pedal? Funny, that's what Carl said just before he introduced the DC Drive. Just like Carl, this pedal has a few tricks up its sleeve. Besides the typical Level, Tone and Drive knobs which obviously control the volume of the signal, the tone (hmmm, which knob?) and the amount of overdrive, Carl has smartly added a clean boost after the drive section, and a Regular/Fat switch....not so typical.

Guyatone introduces new Mighty Micro Series effects

Godlyke has announced the release of the new Guyatone mighty micro series of compact effect pedals. Based on Guyatone's award-winning Micro Series effects, the mighty micros offer professional-grade features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than the average stompbox.

Aguilar Amplification's Tone Hammer is now shipping

Aguilar Amplification has announced that shipment has now begun for their highly anticipated preamp/D.I., the Tone Hammer. This unit, which made its debut at the winter NAMM show in January 2008, was designed to be more than just a "preamp in a pedal". Having more functionality than a standard D.I. or overdrive unit, Aguilar's Tone Hammer is an essential tool for every bassist's arsenal.

Line 6 introduces the JM4 Looper

Line 6 JM4 Looper is included in our Best Loop Pedal list.

Behringer includes 24-bit real sound modeling technology in their newest stomp boxes

Behringer adds sixteen new effects pedals to its formidable collection of high-performance, low-cost guitar, bass and keyboard effects processors.

Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler now available

Line 6 has announced the M13 Stompbox Modeler, an all-in-one stompbox experience featuring stompbox sounds and an easy-to-use looper in a brawny box that's built for the stage. M13 Stompbox Modeler offers a seemingly boundless amount of sounds and functions intuitively designed and easy to use. Along with the sounds of many best-selling Line 6 pedals, including DL4 delay modeler and ToneCore Verbzilla, M13 Stompbox Modeler offers over 75 premium stompbox effects including distortions, delays, reverbs, filters and more modeled from historic boutique, vintage and classic pedals. Up to four different sounds—or four of the same sound—can be combined at once, arranged in any order, for broad textural versatility.

Godlyke debuts Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer

Godlyke has announced the release of the long-awaited Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer analog bass synthesizer. The Octavius Squeezer is the world's first analog/digital hybrid bass synthesizer to be housed in a compact stompbox format. With an analog audio path that features a variety of synth, octave, fizz, and filter effects and a digital preset system that allows constant reconfiguration of the audio signal path and storage of parameter settings as well as an on-board tuner and tap-tempo metronome, the Octavius Squeezer is one pedal that no bassist will want to be without!

Pro Tone Pedals announces the new Jason Becker

Pro Tone Pedals is pleased to announce the newest member of the Pro Tone family — the legendary Jason Becker. World renowned guitarist Jason Beck

DigiTech releases Hardwire Series Guitar Pedals

DigiTech is now shipping the new HardWire Guitar Pedals. The HardWire Guitar Pedals feature true bypass and constant high-voltage operation (15-volts) from a single 9-volt battery or power supply. True bypass allows a guitar's true tone to pass unaltered when in bypass mode. Constant high-voltage operation prevents undesired distortion when used with high-output pickups and allows effects pedals to work flawlessly in amplifier effects loops. The HardWire Guitar Pedals are crafted from premium, all-metal components to perform night after night, tour after tour.

Ooh La La is now shipping The Brown Sound

Ooh La La Manufacturing has just released their first, Bruce Bennett designed, effect pedal. The Brown Sound has big power amp distortion with a bit of fuzz thrown in. The overdriven Marshall sound, a-la "Foxy Lady"and other classic tones is what you will get with OohLaLa's Brown Sound. All Ooh La La Manufacturing's products are handmade and hand painted in the USA. Street price on the Brown Sound is $285 U.S.

Ooh La La Manufacturing is now shipping the Torn's Peaker Pedal

Ooh La La Manufacturing has just released their forth, Devi Ever designed/Effector 13, effect pedal. The Torn's Peaker is fuzz love. This is fuzz with all the flaws...all the grime and compression and unclean, ungodly, unholy sounds that distorted wave forms originated from! Sliced up speaker cones... over driven pre-amps on mixing boards of the 50's... sessions recorded directly to vinyl before the days of tape and processors and pro-tools.

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