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VoiceTone Harmony-G pedal now shipping

TC-Helicon has announced that VoiceTone Harmony-G, the vocal harmony and effects pedal for the performing guitarist, is now shipping. By following natural guitar playing, the new VoiceTone pedal enables singing guitarists to add backup harmony singers to their performances without any tedious programming. The performer can focus on playing while the engaged Tone button intelligently controls EQ, compression and de-essing in real time so the vocals can be heard and understood.

Ooh La La releases the Soda Meiser Pedal

Ooh La La Manufacturing has released the third, Devi Ever designed/Effector 13, effect pedal. Basically, the Soda Meiser = Fuzz Bliss. At lower intensities it has a great Big Muff sound but with a lot more character. At higher intensities it becomes disharmonic fuzz bliss that reminds many of the Ampeg Scrambler.

Retro-Sonic announces Distortion Effect Pedal

Retro-Sonic has announced the latest addition to their popular vintage-inspired boutique effect pedal line. The Distortion pedal is based on a LM308 op-amp design, and features true bypass with Distortion, Tone and level controls. Together, these provide a wide range of tonal possibilities, from subtly distorted blues tones through to classic rock and metal.

Source Audio is now shipping Soundblox Pedals

Source Audio has announced that it is currently shipping its new line of Soundblox effects pedals. As a special offer during the initial shipments, Source Audio will provide a free Hot Hand wired sensor pack with the Soundblox Wah, Phaser and Flanger while supplies last.

Fishman debuts Jerry Douglas Aura Imaging Pedal

The new Jerry Douglas Artist Series Aura Imaging pedal, created in collaboration with the artist hailed by the New York Times as "dobro's matchless contemporary master," uses 16 custom Fishman Aura images created and used by Douglas specifically for resophonic guitars.These one-of-a-kind "signature" sounds were recorded using premier vintage microphones and Class A discreet mic preamps. Main controls include Volume, Blend and Image Select controls; a Phase switch to fight feedback, and a Bypass/Mute foot switch.Rugged and elegantly designed, the pedal also features 24-bit A/D/A and 32-bit internal processing for superior audio quality, along with an Input Trim and Clip/Low Battery indicator. It runs on 9V battery or power adapter.

Heavy Electronics now shipping the Descend Precision Volume Pedal

The Descend by Heavy Electronics, represents an unprecedented tool for guitarists that has been overlooked for years. The Descend offers its user a calculated reduction of volume at the tap of the switch. However, the Descend also features unique characteristics that protect the core tone of your guitar. Unlike the volume knob on your guitar or a traditional volume pedal, the Descend features a proprietary circuit that allows the user to decrease volume without necessarily altering tone characteristics. The 3-way voicing function provides options that range from a treble increase to a minimal treble decrease. Moreover, these tone profiles can also be accessed with very little volume reduction allowing the descend to function solely as a three way filter.

Pro Tone Pedals announces the Rams Skull Fuzz pedal

Pro Tone Pedals has announced the newest, member of the Pro Tone cast, The Rams Skull Fuzz. The last thing the world needs is another Big Muff pi (Rams Head version) clone, so here's one more. Pro Tone Pedals says they infuse old school formulas with their special blend of art and attitude to create mind numbing effects pedals.

Digitech introduces the Harmonyman Pedal

DigiTech's HarmonyMan automatically generates live three-part guitar harmony over lead/solo playing by analyzing and remembering guitar chord progressions from before the solo. DigiTech introduces the HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter guitar effect pedal. The HarmonyMan is the world's first guitar pedal that can produce multi-part guitar harmonies on guitar solos by analyzing the chords users were playing before the solo.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Double Pedal now shipping

TC-Helicon announces the availability of VoiceTone Double, a new model in the VoiceTone line of vocal effects pedals, which allows singers to recreate multitracked doubled studio sounds in live performance. VoiceTone Double enables performers to produce up to four virtual overdubs of their voice in real time, giving them control of their sound right from the stage. Ten effects banks offer a slightly different take on the various natural and effected doubling sounds and include pristine emulations of classic microshift, chorus and detune. The pitch and timing of overdubbed vocals can be customized to be "tight and intimate" or "loose and lively". VoiceTone Double ships at a suggested retail price of €249.

EchoTone pedal now shipping

The Carl Martin Echotone gives you 1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, foot-switchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and switchable trail function at bypass. Imagine switching from a Manual time setting to a Tap time setting right at your feet, so you can play with your favourite slap-back echo on rhythm to a Tap (tempo) set echo for that massive lead or solo! Combine this with flavouring your echo by installing a chorus, flange or even distortion pedal in the insert loop, and the switchable trail function at bypass, and you have what our test players are calling 'the best echo they have ever heard'!

BBE Sound introduces the VG360 Sonic Maximizer

BBE Sound has introduced the company’s new VG360 Sonic Maximizer.

BEHRINGER Stompbox Trio released

Five unique stompbox trios from BEHRINGER eliminate the guesswork, creating optimized toolkits for metal, jazz and blues-rock guitar, bass and keyboards.

VOX Amplification introduces the Satchurator

VOX Amplification has introduced the Satchurator , the first in a series of guitar pedals in an ongoing collaboration with guitar icon Joe Satrian.i

BOSS releases new DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

BOSS continues to push the envelope in compact pedal innovation with its new DD-7 Digital Delay pedal. The DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands creative potential with innovative types of delay, including Modulation Delay, classic modeled Analog Delay, expanded delay time and more.

BOSS introduces the SL-20

BOSS has introduced a new twin pedal that instantly transforms guitars, keyboards, and vocals into pulsating groove instruments. The SL-20 Slicer features 50 onboard slice patterns with adjustable attack and duration, including an innovative Harmonic Slicer feature that generates percussive melodies.

BSM releases the RG Treble Booster

The BSM RG "Rory Gallagher" tribute model is based on the BSM HS-C Custom model, modified to nail Rory Gallaghers signature tone, known from his famous recordings like "Big Guns" or "Lonesome Highway".

St. Louis Music to distribute classic Dan Armstrong sound modifiers

LOUD Technologies has announced the distribution of the Dan Armstrong sound modifier line by St. Louis Music. As the designer behind the iconic clear acrylic instruments of the late '60s and early '70s (recently reissued by Ampeg), Armstrong also created a line of popular effects modules — including the Orange Squeezer, Blue Clipper, Green Ringer, and Black Reaper — made famous by artists like Mark Knopfler, Elliot Randall, David Lindley, Kurt Cobain, Ry Cooder and Mark Mothersbaugh.

Eddie Van Halen signature Wah pedal released

The EVH Wah Wah is the latest offering in the EVH Signature Series, developed after intensive design collaboration with the legendary guitarist. Early on in the process, Eddie handed over his “Holy Grail” Crybaby—a standard Crybaby customized in the early Nineties with a more vocal-like, High Q inductor and a wider frequency sweep.

BBE Sound Inc releases WAH

The new Wah pedal from BBE Sound is based on a 1967 Class A circuit design featuring a ‘halo’ inductor which the company has re-engineered and tuned to recreate those sounds made famous by players such as Clapton and Hendrix. The ‘halo’ is essential to its unique vocal-like qualities – the same qualities sought after by players and collectors willing to pay a premium for vintage wah pedals.

Heavy Electronics releases the Ascend Clean Boost Pedalz

Heavy Electronics has released The Ascend Clean Boost Pedalz. Ascend is a one knob clean boost. It's analog design allows this boost to be balanced and true. Wonderfully transparent and clear, yet powerful. Drives reverb tanks beautifully with its strong and concise low end. At the extreme push can even be used to drive tube amplifiers into distortion, allowing the pedal (and your guitar) to speak through the voice of the amp in a new way.

MXR releases the M-182 El Grande Bass Fuzz

The El Grande Bass Fuzz is a versatile and brutal fuzz designed just for bass. We took a classic 70's fuzz circuit, re-tuned it for more low end, and added a DEEP switch that delivers up to +15dB of monstrous bass that is internally adjustable between 87Hz-113Hz. And that's not all: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz controls let you sculpt your tone with precision to get everything you need — from searing, sustained upper-register chords to punchy, growling low B's — without sacrificing low end or clarity. The El Grande comes in a lightweight but durable aluminum casting with the same high-quality jacks and switches that have made MXR pedals the road-ready standard on pedal-boards around the world for over 30 years.

MXR releases the M-159 Tremolo Pedal

With its warm analog circuitry and lush tremolo sound, the Dunlop TS-1 set the standard for tremolo pedals for over a decade.

Tech 21 introduces five SansAmp character series pedals

Tech 21 has introduced their new SansAmp Character Series consisting of five pedals: Blonde, British, California, Liverpool, and VT Bass. With artistically unique looks, these pedals commemorate a range of eras for specific amplifier personalities. By simply twisting a few knobs, you can build the most sought-after tones and hot rod your own. From rare vintage classics to roaring modern icons, every variation is delivered in the distinctive voicing of that amp style.

Vox and Satriani join forces to create signature effects line

VOX Amplification has announced that it has teamed up with guitar legend Joe Satriani for a long-term research and development partnership. Satriani and VOX are working together on a line of signature effects pedals designed to deliver Satriani's trademark tone plus a wide range of new sounds for guitarists of all playing styles and ability levels.

New FX, recording gear from BOSS

BOSS sets us up with 3 new products: The GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor, GT-10B Bass Effects Processor, and version 2 of BR-900CD multitrack recorder.

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