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New from Gig-FX: Pro-Chop pedal

Want to produce repeatable, trance-like grooves and pulsating, seizure inducing effects that are in perfect sync with any track. The Gig-FX PRO-CHOP may be what you need.

Soundblox effects unveiled, Wireless capable

Source Audio has unveiled their Soundblox effects pedals line. Source says their pedals offer unique and dynamic new sounds in a more compact and easily accessible format. Better yet, the Soundblox effects pedals are also compatible with the Hot Hand Motion Controller which is available separately in wireless or wired configurations.

Maven Peal releases The Howler pedal

Maven Peal Instruments has released The Howler - the first in the companies line of 'Impact Pedals.' According to their website, an impact pedal incorporates Maven Peal's patented Sag Circuit power supply design features into a small, compact pedal.

BSM introduces The VX-C Classic Pedal

The BSM VX-C Classic model is the most authentic copy of the British Vox Treble and Bass booster from the late 60's. It offers the original tone network and gain making it the perfect copy of this out-of-production stompbox.

Fueltank Junior ready to power your pedals

New from T-Rex is Fueltank Junior, a power supply unit that will handle virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal -- up to 5 of them. Fuel Tank Junior comes with 10 standard pedal cables and a link cable that lets you power 5 separate units (total maximum of 120mA) off a single output.

Arteffect releases Bonnie Wah

Israeli based pedal company, Arteffect, has released Bonnie Wah - an authentic and accurate recreation of the Clyde McCoy Signature wah pedal.

eStrap turns body movement into sound effects

Hey does anyone know if Matt Groening based Ned Flanders on Ned Steinberger (well at least appearance?). Anyway! Ned Steinberger's new strap controlled 'expression' system, eStrap, translates natural playing motion into sound effects.

Ottava Magus released

The Ottava Magus may be a traditional octave fuzz, but when it comes to its range of tones, expressive feel, and inspiring character, it's anything but traditional according to creators, Catalinbread.

Boomerang's new E-155 Chorus-Delay Pedal

Boomerang Music recently released the E-155 Chorus-Delay Pedal. This is the first in a new line of Boomerang pedals that each have two effects and can be linked to form a powerful effects system.

Vintage Bass VB1 released

The new Vintage Bass VB1 dynamic bass filter from BEHRINGER adds funky punch to bass lines and solos. Variable sensitivity dials in just the right amount of sweeping filter action. Switchable distortion adds lots of fat harmonic content.

Ultra Bass Flanger BUF300 stompbox has been unleashed

The new Ultra Bass Flanger BUF300 stompbox from BEHRINGER brings a surprising amount of control in a compact and affordable foot pedal. In addition to classic swirling flanging, the BUF300 can create thick choruses, tremolo, slap-back delays and funky tonal effects; all without affecting the bass fundamentals. No other bass flanger sounds this punchy!

Behringer releases Phaser PH9 effects pedal

The new Phaser PH9 from Behringer produces effects from warm 90° phase shifts to wild spacey warbles. A variable Rate control sets the speed of the effect and the Swirl switch selects between classic and modern sound.

Z-Vex creates limited edition Union Jack FX pedals for Dolphin Music

FX company, Z-Vex, has manufactured a limited run of three of it's most popular pedals - the Fuzz Factory, the Super Hard-On and the Box Of Rock. These new units come in a cool "Union Jack" design and are only available from UK based retailer, Dolphin Music (ships worldwide).

Seymour Duncan SFX-04 preamp 'defines metal'

Making its debut from Seymour Duncan is the SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem, a high gain guitar preamp. According to Gearwire, the SFX-04 uses twin sub-miniature USA-made Phillips Sylvania 6205 vacuum tubes to achieve a heavy sound that screams pure metal.

Fishman announces AFX Guitar Pedals now shipping

The new AFX pedals from Fishman are the first effects specifically designed for the acoustic guitar with all of the tonal nuances, rich natural sound and attention to detail that only a company with over 25 years experience in the field can bring to this type of device.

Stagefive Professional Pedal Management system

SKB's new Stagefive Professional Pedal Management system is designed to accommodate any possible configuration of pedals. It's padded out with:

Line 6 launches POD X3 And POD X3 Live

Line 6 has launched the POD X3 and POD X3 Live, which bring more power, ease and flexibility to the acclaimed POD family of professional-tier guitar and studio tone processors for working musicians.

Rocksonics distributing V-Comp US wide

Rocksonics Professional Audio has announcd the U.S. distribution of the highly acclaimed Custom Audio Japan “V-COMP” vacuum tube compressor pedal. The CAJ V-COMP compressor pedal is offered for sale directly from the Rocksonics website for $399.00.

PO300 Power Overdrive pedal new from Behringer

The PO300 Power Overdrive effects pedal is Behringer's second pedal release this week. "It features the classic overdrive sound and

Behringer release TM300 Tube Amp modeling pedal

Behringer's new TM300 Tube Amp modeling effects pedal packs 27 amp modeling configurations, with three amp styles, three gain modes and three m

Vintage Octa Screamer Pedal now shipping

TC Electronic has announced that the Vintage Octa Screamer is now shipping. The Octa Screamer is a modern design that improves and enhances the coveted tone of the original octavia pedals, while eliminating the gating problems at low volumes associated with the original design. The Vintage Octa Screamer will retail at EUR 180 excl. VAT and at GBP 119 excl. VAT.

Coming soon: Carl Martin 2 Wah

With classic detailing in a diecast housing, Carl Martin's 2 Wah features six different voicings with two presets controlled via a heel switch on the rocker.

AdrenaLinn III guitar processor adds 40 amp models and more

Released this month from Roger Linn Design was the AdrenaLinn III guitar modeler. AdrenaLinn III packs a wide variety of unique modulation and delay effects, including looped filter sequences, all in synch to the built-in programmable drum machine or MIDI.

Behringer's new Vintage Tube Monster VT999

According to a Behringer press release, their new Vintage Tube Monster VT999 effects pedal features the warm sound of a hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube. Three-band EQ provides precise, post-distortion tone shaping. In addition, this high-quality stomp box offers an integrated and switchable noise gate with adjustable threshold that keeps signals noise-free. A status LED for effect On/Off is included, plus there is a true hard-wire bypass for ultimate signal integrity.

Preview of snazzy upcoming Electro Harmonix pedals

Here's a look at some of the new pedals coming your way from Electro Harmonix, each of which is available within about a month.

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