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New Dan Armstrong stomp boxes released

Grafton Electronics has announced the release of its new line of Stomp Boxes. The new features four original stomp box versions of Dan Armstrong&#3

10 million compact BOSS pedals sold since 1976

BOSS has announced that guitarists and musicians have purchased over 10 million BOSS compact effects pedals since the company's launch in 1976.

Hartman LM308 Op-Amp Distortion pedal released

Hartman has made available their LM308 Op-Amp Distortion pedal that they say is inspired by the edgy, modern-sounding distortion popularized by punk, new-wave and college rock bands of the late 70's and early 80's.

Peavey MSDI simulates miked guitar cabinet

Peavey has introduced the MSDI, or Microphone Simulated Direct Interface, a patch box that delivers the sound of a miked guitar cabinet in live performance and studio recording applications.

Harmony Control Guitar: Control your vocal harmony processor while you play guitar

Harmony Control Guitar is the latest accessory from TC-Helicon for singing guitarists. Add this product to VoiceLive or any MIDI enabled harmony device and your guitar controls all the chord changes for great sounding harmonies.

BackLine gives their RiffBoxTM looping device a firmware makeover

BackLine Engineering has announced a significant feature update for RiffBoxTM, its popular looping device designed to enhance the capabilities of performing musicians. The firmware 5.0 update includes the following five most requested feature enhancements:

KILO-WAH released

KILO-WAH is a versatile pedal with four on-board wah effects from the guys at Gig-FX.

New DIY eBook: Epiphone Valve Junior Amp mods has teamed with pedal builder and modder, Kerry Fine, for a new DIY mod guide for the Epiphone Valve Junior Amp.

Transducer: Analog speaker and miking simulator

In a cooperative developmental effort with German guitar amp specialists Tonehunter, SPL presents a new 2U, 19-inch format guitar speaker and microphone stand-in called the Transducer. It functions free of latency issues and with amps up to 200 watts. The Transducer is connected and operated exactly like any guitar speaker box so that a guitar amp's distortion can also be integrated into the sound design.

Behringer intros digital stomp-boxes with RSM technology

Behringer unveils, at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, 14 digital effects pedals featuring proprietary RSM (Real Sound Modeling) digital processing technology, completing what has become one of the most comprehensive line of stomp-boxes in the industry.

Phaseomatic Deluxe upgraded

The new batch of Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxes have arrived. "Featuring an innovative mixed wave generator LFO for triangle, sine, psuedo square, rise, fall and stepped waveshapes. The first 50 of these pedals come fitted with JAN Philips 12AT7 NOS tubes in the phase-shifter section and small anode JJ 12AX7 tubes in the gain/mixer stage for low, low microphonics and hum" the Effectrode website states.

Lovepedal introduces Mini Buffer

Lovepedal has introduced their new credit card sized Mini Buffer.

Peavey Kosmos Pro Now Available

Peavey proudly announces the much-anticipated release of the new Kosmos Pro processor, a highly innovative audio tool used for studio and live performances by the top artists, producers and engineers in the music industry.

Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes

This month we had an Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes pedal come in the shop and go right out again, pity as I freakin loved it.

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