Digitech Whammy V

The 5th generation Digitech Whammy Pedal is set to take off this month, and it features a unique Chordal Pitch-Shifting capability.

Digitech Whammy V

It looks just like the original Whammy that started the Whammy craze over two decades ago - only this one packs added features.

At the core of this pedal is the same Whammy sound that has helped define the style of many guitar icons like Steve Vai, Jack White and Tom Morello. You get the same nerve wracking "dive bomb" effect, face twitching pitch bends and lightning quick harmony shifts. However it doesn't stop with the tried and true features, because the 5th generation Whammy incorporates upgraded pitch-shifting technology which allows for entire chords to be bent up or down.

Aside from the new multi-note pitch-shifting, you can still do the classic single-note mode pitch-shifting, harmony 2-note interval setting and two detune modes. All these cool Whammy features are easily controllable by using an intuitive knob with which LEDs indicate your current setting. You can choose between classic or chordal pitch-shifting via a simple switch on the pedal.

Digitech Whammy V

Digitech has incorporated true bypass circuitry into the pedal, ensuring that your guitar tone is intact and unchanged when the effect is disengaged. The signal passes cleanly through the pedal unaffected by its circuitry when the Whammy is switched off - this helps eliminate signal loss and noise.

An interesting feature of the new Whammy version is its Full MIDI connectivity. It allows you to hook the Digitech Whammy up to any MIDI device and send or receive pitch-bend information. This lets you control the Whammy from any MIDI controller like your keyboard, MIDI foot controller or any MIDI device.

The Whammy 5 employs high-quality 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to analog converters for clean and smooth pitch-bending sounds. This latest Whammy sticks with the original's rugged and sturdy design, making sure that the pedal is ready for the road.

The 5th generation Whammy is set for a May 2012 release and you can preorder one now at Sweetwater for $199.95.

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