Alien Bass Station Multi-effects Pedal

Analog Alien releases the Alien Bass Station (ABS) multi-effects pedal for bass, featuring three effects in one unit.

Alien Bass Station

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This stompbox combines essential bass limiter/compressor effect with an amp generator, and adds in a Fuzz effect for some extra flair.

Like other Analog Alien pedals, the ABS comes with a striking color combination, reminiscent of the hippie flower power theme. Featuring a metal chassis painted in green with orange white and purple knobs.

According to the company, they designed this pedal to be a useful tone shaping tool for Bass players both in the studio and in live situations. To achieve this, each of the three effects have dedicated control knobs and switches, which allows each effect to work independently or simultaneously as if they were separate pedals.

The lower left most side of the pedal features the switch for the Limiter/Compressor effect. It comes with three orange knobs that let you adjust the sensitivity of the effect, the level of limiting/compression and the output. It is said that this effect is useful for taming the dynamic range of your bass without "squashing" your tone.

Stepping on the middle footswitch will engage the Amp Generator effect, which according to the company adds tube amp like behaviors to your signal. Analog Alien said that the effect produces sounds that are similar to a classic Ampeg B-15, and the tone shaping features include bass, treble, gain and output knobs.

Finally, the third footswitch is dedicated to the Gamma Fuzz section. This effect is different than other fuzz pedals because the fuzz level depend on how strong and low the incoming signals are. This means that you set the fuzz sound via your playing instead of the usual knob setting. Two purple knobs accompany the Fuzz effect, they give you control over the input and output signal.

Check out the new Alien Bass Station pedal in action:

Even though the pedal is specially designed for bass, Analog Alien claims that it also works well with guitars, and it can be a great pedal to wow other guitar players. They concluded the description by saying:

"History has shown us that some of the best designs originally intended for bass, like the legendary Fender Bassman, have become essential favorites among guitar players as well. When you plug a guitar into the ABS the character of the pedal changes and becomes an entirely different animal... The ABS is an essential tool for any bass player to have, while at the same time it can be a guitar player’s secret weapon."

The list price for the new Alien Bass Station pedal is 399. You can head over to Analog Alien for the complete details.

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