Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay

Catalinbread introduces the new Adineko Oil Can Delay pedal, based on oil can echo units from the '60s.

Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay

This delay pedal comes with an artificially aged look, complete with weathering effects and stains, all of which match the murky warble of its vintage echo tone.

This pedal mimics the unique behavior of old "oil can" echo units, specifically how their echo characteristics seem to change at random, where every unit has a subtly different echo, and even the same unit seem to change over time.

The story goes that Catalinbread started working on an oil can delay pedal back in the summer of 2012, around the same time when they were working on the Echorec. Now years after, they finally got the bright yet dark sounding echo with vibrato modulation packed inside the Adineko Oil Can Delay pedal.

Catalinbread says, "As we always strive to do when making something old, new again, we want to honor the old experience and expand upon it."

Instead of being stuck to just one setting, you get varying levels of murky warble as found on old echo units, all you have to do is tweak the Viscosity knob. Being a modern take, this pedal offers an expanded range of echo delay time which you can control via the Timing knob, giving you more that what old units can provide. Giving you control of the dual playback head is the Balance knob, which lets you balance the mix of the two heads to create interesting syncopation of delays.

The company provided some out of the box settings to get you started with the pedal, "To get acquainted with your new ADINEKO, let’s plug it in by itself, without your other pedals. Start off with a clean sound from your amp. The ADINEKO can achieve the authentic oil can sounds, but is designed to model the mechanical concept well beyond what was possible in original units. Let’s set up your ADINEKO for an authentic oil can sound! TIMING to 9-10 o’clock, VISCOSITY to 9-10 o’clock, REVERB to the verge of self oscillation."

The setting above gets you as close as possible to an original oil can echo unit. It produces a relatively short echo time on two taps, a vibrato in concert with the delay time and a reverb that sounds like low lying fog coalescing pon the verge of a self-oscillating resonant point. You can also turn the reverb down and the blend up to get more of the vibrato sound of a Tel-Ray Deluxe Organ.

Check out the official video demo:

Like most modern boutique style pedals, the Catalinbread Adineko pedal features true-bypass switching and accepts standard center-negative 9V DC power supplies. 18V DC also works and each one is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is currently retailing for $199.99. For more information, visit Catalinbread.

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