DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay - Musikmesse 2015

DigiTech unveils the Obscura Altered Delay pedal, featuring four delay types with extended control over the shape and timing of the repeats.

DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay

This is essentially a 4-in-1 delay pedal that can switch between Analog, Tape, Lo-Fi and Reverse modes, all of which can be distorted, darkened or even obscured to cover everything from lo-fi tape emulation to backwards playback to out-of-this-world space echoes.

The new Obscura Altered Delay is an ambitious attempt by the company to cover all bases when it comes to delay, and at the same time provide enough experimental edge for players that are looking to go beyond the conventional use of delay effects.

DigiTech Marketing Manager Tom Cram said, "The Obscura can sound pretty, but is also has the potential to sound pretty crazy. With the Obscura Altered Delay, straight-ahead repeats are just the starting point for twisting and morphing your delays upside down, inside out and into uncharted sonic territory.”

The switchable four modes cover three traditional effect types - Analog, Tape and Lo-Fi, while the fourth mode provides modern Reverse echo delay. The first mode provides basic delay tones as expected from analog delay pedals of today, and it would probably get the most use out of the four modes.

DigiTech Obscura Altered Delay Stomplock

Tape mode recreates the distinctive sound of early tape-based echo and delay units. It is sought after by guitarists who prefer the delay effect as heard on classic recordings. Lo-Fi delay mode contrasts today's transparent delay by warming up the tone to better emphasize the midrange, resulting distinct echo characteristics. Finally, reverse mode creates backward played echoes to for some truly unique sonic textures.

Complementing the four delay types are the Degrade and Tone knobs where you can control the amount of increasing signal degradation and high-frequency roll-off of successive repeats - an interesting feature that will let you create some unique sounds.

The pedal comes with a Level knob for adjusting the amount of dry to delayed signal, while the Time knob lets you adjust the duration of the delay. Lower settings of the time knob will give you slapback style delay and turning the dial up will give you up to 2 seconds of delay. A Repeat control knob is also provided for adjusting the number of delay repeats, from a single clean repeat to out-of-this-world oscillating echoes.

Like most modern delay pedals, the Obscura Altered Delay has a Tap Tempo feature, and it goes further by having beat divisions. With this you can easily tap the footswitch to match the repeats to the tempo of your music. There's even a Repeat/Hold function that will let you lock and loop a phrase. Finally, the upper portion of the pedal has a "Tails" on/off switch, which you can use to control whether the delay continues after the effect is switched off, or cuts off immediately.

Wrapping up the features of the new Digitech Obscura Altered Delay are mono and stereo inputs and outputs, true bypass operation, die-cut hook and loop pad, and a redesigned Stomplock that protects the knobs and your settings. The pedal comes with a rugged metal chassis that has a skeleton graphic, making it visually stand out from your other pedals.

Check out the official video demo:

The new Obscura Altered Delay is scheduled for release this month, with a retail price of around $190. For more information, you can visit DigiTech.

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