Earthquake Devices Gray Channel Overdrive Pedal

Earthquake Devices unveil the Gray Channel, a versatile overdrive pedal with two channels and multiple clipping modes.

Earthquake Devices Gray Channel

It is the company's take on the classic DOD Overdrive 250 pedal, updated for today's players with improved versatility and bass response. It is also designed to work well in a typical pedlaboard rig format instead of the original's straight to amp design.

The story goes that the DOD Overdrive 250 is the same pedal that inspired the formation and launch of Earthquake Devices. But instead of just sticking strictly to the original pedal that inspired it, they decided to improve on the design to make it viable for today's guitarists who need as many sonic options as possible.

So they designed the Gray Channel pedal to conjure various forms of overdrive flavors, which they achieved equipping the pedal with the ability to switch between different types of clipping modes that are segregated into two channels.

The pedal offers two channels called "Red" and "Green" which you can switch into via a dedicated footswitch. And as mentioned both the Red and Green channels give you three clipping mode options to choose from, which changes the overall flavor of the resulting overdrive effect.

The Green Channel has three modes - Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge) and No Clipping (N). Switching to Silicon mode gives you a harsh tube-like breakup sound, ideal for reproducing vintage OD tones. The Germanium mode is described as being looser and rounder sounding with more warmth, useful for sweet sounding tones. Finally, the No Clipping mode behaves like a clean boost at lower gain settings, and goes into loud pure op-amp distortion as you raise the gain knob.

The Red Channel also has three modes - LED (LED), MOSFET (FET) and No Clipping (N). LED mode is described as providing a clean drive sound that can go really loud. Selecting MOSFET transforms your overdriven tone into a tight crunch with lots of compression, which works well in conjunction with other pedals. Finally, the Red Channel also has the same clean to loud overdrive No Clipping mode.

Check out the demo of the Gray Channel pedal below:

Judging from the demo video, it seems that the Gray Channel crosses over into fuzz territory in certain modes, and it portrays classic overdrive tones quite well. The press release concludes by saying, "Each Gray Channel is built one at a time, part by gorgeous part at a former automotive paint factory by a bunch of smokestacks on a dead end street in Akron, Ohio."

The Earthquake Devices Gray Channel pedal is now available for $195. For more information, you can visit Earthquake Devices.

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