EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb

EarthQuaker Devices introduces the Levitation reverb, a tribute to the Levitation music festival in Austin.

EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb

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This new reverb pedal is based on the company's Ghost Echo pedal, tweaked to pay tribute to Austin's psychedelic rock heritage by providing reverb drenched tones inspired by classic psych rock.

This reverb pedal is described as vintage voiced, inspired by the sounds of old reverb devices like dirty sixties chambers, classic spring, and plate reverbs. To achieve this, the company modified the Ghost Echo pedal and changed some of its controls to better emphasize parameters that are important for psychedelic rock players.

Instead of the attack and dwell controls, the new Levitation reverb pedal features more knobs that give you control over tone, decay and atmosphere and it comes with a toggle switch for adjusting length.

Tone lets you emphasize either the low or higher frequencies of the reverberated signal. All the way counter clockwise reduces all low end content to make a brighter reverb, turning counter clockwise allows more low end to pass through resulting in a fuller reverberated tone.

Decay lets you adjust the length of the reverb decay, clockwise increases the length, while rotating the knob counter clockwise shortens the decay.

Atmosphere is an interesting harmonic regeneration control. You can turn it up to feed the upper frequencies of the reverb trails back through to create a more harmonic (ringing) reverb.

The fourth knob on the pedal is meant for adjust the Mix between the dry signal and reverberated signal. A toggle switch for adjusting the length setting is also provided. Shorter when the switch is to left, longer to the right.

Check out the official video demo:

According to the press release, "Four knobs and one switch control are quite a bit more than you’d expect. Want a slap back small room sound? Set all of your controls to the minimum and use the mix to dial in the sound of room devoid of anything but a guitar and amp. Want to revel in infinite spatial oscillations? Flip the toggle to long, turn up the atmosphere and decay then tune out. Dial in a bright chiming slap back by turning the tone all the way counter clockwise and reducing the decay. For a rattling, full-bandwidth assault, dime everything and let ‘er rip."

EarthQuaker Devices is hand building each Levitation Reverb pedal in Akrron, Ohio, and it will be officially available at the Levitation festival on May 8th, 2015. It will be widely available by May 26th, 2015.

The retail price for the EarthQuaker Levitation reverb pedal is $185, head over to EarthQuaker for further details.

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