EHX 720 Stereo Looper

EHX introduces the 720 Stereo Looper pedal, with up to 12 minutes (or 720 seconds) worth of stereo recording time.

EHX 720 Stereo Looper

This new pedal is specially designed to provide guitarists with a more flexible looping solution, while still retaining a familiar and pedalboard friendly form factor.

The label 720 refers to the pedal's impressive ability to record loops up to 720 seconds, and in stereo at that, more than enough to lay down loop tracks for two to four complete songs.

The new 720 Stereo Looper features 10 independent loops which you can play with to create your very own orchestra, and it allows you to make realtime changes to each loop as you see fit, thanks to its unlimited overdubbing feature. Even with all these complications, Electro-Harmonix was still able to pack everything inside a regular sized pedal, and kept the controls simple and intuitive.

In addition to the 10 loops and unlimited overdrub, the pedal has undo-redo which lets you build your loops and break them down when needed. Other nice extras include a reverse loop and 1/2 speed effect, both of which can be used sparingly for some out of this world textures and ambience.

To keep the audio quality high, Electro-Harmonix equipped the pedal with a 24-bit A/D/A converters with 44.1kHz sample rate. It comes with Stereo in/out ports for true stereo operation, ideal for complex rigs. Another use for these ports is for looping two instruments at once, ensuring that both are in sync. There's also a foot controller input if you want to use a three-button controller for faster bank changes and undo-redo.

Controls on the pedal include a Level control which lets the player adjust the output volume of the loop. There is a Push:Mode pushbutton which lets you toggle between Loop Select, Loop Progress and Loop Fadeout (trails) modes. The Reverse and 1/2 Speed effects are also triggered via push buttons, which means that you can trigger them individually or simultaneously. The 720 Stereo Looper also features silent footswitches for Loop and Stop/FX which provide convenient foot control of the pedal’s main functions.

Check out the official video demo:

Finally, the 720 Stereo Looper comes equipped with an EHX 9.6DC power supply, and it can also runs on a 9V battery. The pedal is now available with a retail price of $185.40, for more information visit Electro-Harmonix.

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