EHX Super Pulsar Tremolo Pedal

Electro-Harmonix unveils the Super Pulsar, a versatile tremolo effect pedal that comes packed with controls and features.

Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar

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From classic and subtle tremolo to modern pulsating rhythms and experimental stutters, the Super Pulsar will cover virtually all types of tremolo effects, and it does so quite gracefully.

EHX has been releasing some impressive pedals lately, and I thought that it would be hard for them to top the Organ Machine but it looks like they have more aces up their sleeves. They have managed to turn what would otherwise be a straightforward tremolo effect into an interesting piece of gear that can help you get quite a lot of sounds.

The Super Pulsar's analog circuit goes beyond the typical tremolo by adding the ability to take the shape of a square, triangle or sine wave. Each of these shapes offer a different voicing, and essentially gives you multiple tremolo effects in one unit. Also, you can further tweak the shapes via the Rate, Shape and Depth knobs, allowing for even more tremolo styles. By playing with these combinations, you can create familiar and straightforward sounding tremolo effects or experiment with out of this world style pulsating tremolos.

On top of the tone shaping features, the pedal also comes with an on-board sequencer. This will let you control the rhythmic patterns of the tremolo pulses, allowing you to carefully time the tremolo with a beat or riff to achieve amazing sonic textures with your band. It even comes with an envelope section that lets you adjust the depth and rate of the effect, which will allow you to start with a slow and deep tremolo that then rushes into fast pulses or go the opposite and start fast and slow down the pulses as the string vibrations die down.

To help you better monitor your tremolo timing, the pedal comes with multiple LED lights that pulsate with the effect. They give you quick visual feedback on settings and provide an interesting light show that matches your music.

Super Pulsar has a Tap footswitch and Tap divide button that simplifies syncing in realtime. It also comes with a Mode/Preset footswitch that will let you access eight different effect presets and toggle between fixe expression modes.

Check out the official video demo below:

The pedal comes with modern signal routing capability that allows it to work with stereo or mono configuration rigs. The pedal's I/O section will let you choose any combination of stereo/mono operation. The company says that, "While using stereo, the sound image can be altered with the Phase Invert switch and the Right Phase control which moves the Phase of the right output relative to the left output a full 360 degrees. An external expression pedal may control over Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase or Volume. Tap/Click In helps sync up with external sources". These are pretty nifty control options for those that want absolute control over the effect.

Finally, the EHX Super Pulsar is housed in the usual rugged package, albeit a big bigger than standard size pedals. It is bundled with an EHX 9.6-Volt/DC200mA AC adapter and is expected to retail for just under $317. You can visit Electro-Harmonix for more information.

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