Digitech introduces the Harmonyman Pedal

DigiTech's HarmonyMan automatically generates live three-part guitar harmony over lead/solo playing by analyzing and remembering guitar chord progressions from before the solo. DigiTech introduces the HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter guitar effect pedal. The HarmonyMan is the world's first guitar pedal that can produce multi-part guitar harmonies on guitar solos by analyzing the chords users were playing before the solo.

Players can simply perform favorite songs as they know them, and then hit the harmony footswitch at the start of a solo to render amazing multi-part guitar harmonies. The HarmonyMan employs the same patented musIQ technology as the DigiTech Vocalist family of products. This powerful technology accurately creates multi-part harmony by analyzing guitar chords. There is no tedious programming or knowledge of complicated music theory needed. The HarmonyMan offers a number of enhanced, convenient and intuitive features.

In addition to three-part guitar harmonies generated with no complex programming, the HarmonyMan's feature set includes:

- Intelligent Pitch Shifting, based on a groundbreaking new signal processing technology, giving players ultra clean, low-latency harmonies based on one of four user-friendly shifting modes.
- Unique Key Display, showing the key that the HarmonyMan is currently using for harmonization. When musIQ is enabled, the display will update dynamically in response to the playing. A musically intelligent "Circle of Fifths" layout puts musically related keys (sharing the most notes) beside each other.
- Independently Selectable Voicings for each harmony, with a wide variety of options, including two intelligent shifting modes, unison/detune, octave up/down, straight chromatic shifts from -12 to +12 semitones, as well as 2 octaves down.
- Strum Key, allowing players to easily set the key of a song by simply strumming chords (perfect for songs that start with a solo).
- musIQ Sidechain Input/Thru, which lets a second guitar be the chord recognition source while the Clean Input Guitar signal is shifted to produce harmonies
- Perfect for bands with both a lead and rhythm guitar player.
- Voice Memory, allowing players to pre-configure and store up to four different harmony voicings and step through them with the memory advance footswitch.
- Pre-Harmony Distortion Loop, which lets players place a distortion stompbox before the harmony effect without affecting chord recognition of the Clean Input signal.
- Built-in Guitar Tuner
- Mix Control, programmable control of the mix between the lead and harmony signals.
- 1/4" guitar input with distortion send and return, 1/4" guitar optional Sidechain input and pass-through and guitar ground lift
- Balanced Stereo 1/4" outputs
- Rugged roadworthy all-metal chassis
- Power supply included

The HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter will be available May 2008 for an MSRP of $449.95.

For more information, please visit www.digitech.com

Posted by Stacey

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Exellent story. This is the perfect pedal for bands with only 1 guitarist. The only problem is that it's bit on the pricey side but seems like its worth its weight in gold.
The only thing I'd be worried about is getting harmonies for scales with notes raised or flattened by a semitone or other wierd scales. Eg Harmonic minor, locrian, chinese scale etc. 4 stars!

Piece of shit?

Yet more tat making pathetic inroads on musicianship. Why not add a backing track player, vocal harmoniser and pitch correction module too?

why not just employ someone else to play music on your behalf? Bollocks. This is another cool invention that's gonna help musicians develop new pathways in their music. Stop being so tradtitional that you can't grow a new shoot.

Well, its not about the gear its HOW you use it. Look at Steve Vai as a prime example of great musicinaship yet he uses high tech gear in musical ways. if your songs d o not call for effects or harmonies or anything but three basis chords, thats fine, but you shouldnt insult other people for their own style and for using any TOOLS that help them expand their creativeness. I think a lot of less -experienced and "Negative Nancies" out there tend to feel intimidated by anything that is new or that encourages new avenues.

Some guys think if you use a seven string guitar you are "cheating" (they said the same thing about Yngwie and his scalloped necks,i.e., "He plays fast because of those weird necks he uses" Goes to show you how uneducated and insipid some people truly are.

Anyway, I hope Digitech does not disappoint with this pedal. I'm willing to try it out and tell people about it, maybe do a you tube thing for ya...if it doesn't work for me I can always return it within a week to 45 days hu?

best of luck, Alex

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