Keeley DynaTrem

The Keeley Electronics Dynatrem is a new tremolo pedal that is designed to be dynamic and responsive to your playing.

Keeley DynaTrem

This pedal has three modes that expand the sonic possibilities that you can get from a tremolo pedal, one of the modes even allow you to change effect settings by simply playing hard or soft.

Keeley Electronics designed the DynaTrem to be more than just a conventional pedal, and describes it as a creative tool for shaping your sound in a way that's natural. According to the press release, "The Keeley team has created a neo-vintage voiced tremolo that has two dynamic modes of operation. No longer are guitar players stuck with setting a fixed rate or depth, they now have the ability to control the pedal with just their playing style."

It's most notable feature is the three mode switch that lets you vary the way the pedal behaves depending on your playing. The first mode is called Dynamic Depth, and this is where the pedal becomes input sensitive to your playing, adjusting the depth setting based on the volume changes of your guitar signal. This can be controlled by adjusting attack strength and volume, allowing you to change the depth of the tremolo effect in real time as you play.

Dynamic Rate is the most interesting mode because it speeds up the tremolo by simply playing hard. By softening your attack or reducing the volume, you can slow down the tremolo effect rate, for some interesting dynamically changing sonic textures. Both the Dynamic Rate and Depth modes offer a shape control that lets you select one of four waveforms: Ramp Up, Sine Wave, Ramp Down, and Square Wave. The two Dynamic modes provide a unique twist to the conventional tremolo effect that we are all used to.

The third mode is called Harmonic Tremolo, and it turns the DynaTrem pedal into a vintage tremolo effect as found on vintage Brownface Fender amps. To achieve this, they added a modulation filter that creates a phase or vibe type of sound as different parts of the signal are run through the filters. It also has a spring reverb type ambience that transforms the sound into that of vintage amp based tremolo effects.

Check out the official video demo:

Keeley Electronics concludes: "All three modes of operation feature noise reduction techniques to ensure the cleanest possible tremolo sounds without unwanted hiss. Lastly we crafted a volume control to make up for perceived volume drops with tremolo circuits, allowing you full creative control! The team at Keeley has carefully crafted a tone that is both vintage and modern. It is designed to inspire and help artists create music in ways that was not possible before."

Like other Keeley Electronics pedals, the DynaTrem is hand-built in their USA facility, and features their trademark true bypass switching and blue LED indicator. The Keeley Electronics DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo is scheduled for release this coming 8th of May, with a tag price of $199. For more information and other details, head over to Robert Keeley Electronics.

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