Keeley Gold Star Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces the new Gold Star Reverb effect pedal, featuring three distinct reverb modes inspired by studio reverb units.

Keeley Gold Star Reverb

The three reverb modes included in this stompbox are Flanged, Compressed and Distorted Reverb. They are inspired by how reverb is mixed with other effects via send/return systems in studios, and allow for a convenient way to utilize non-conventional variations of the reverb effect in pedal form.

The Gold Star is said to be the third in Keeley's studio themed reverb pedals, with this one allowing for unique sonic textures that would normally be unavailable on other reverb stompboxes.

The most familiar of the three reverb types is the Compressed mode, which simulates the crowded main studio floor at Gold Star Records during the famous "Wall of Sound" session. According to the company: "The Wall of Sound was a formula used in the production of music for playing on radios and jukeboxes in the ’60s. Parts were doubled and played in unison to create a huge, lush soundscape." The new Gold Star will let you achieve the same effect with a simple step on the footswitch and some parameter adjustments.

Note that the Gold Star Reverb adds "compression" controls to the reverb so you can set the trails to “duck” or compress depending on how hard you attack the strings. In this mode, the reverb appears after the envelope has fallen in Compressed Reverb mode. Other controls in this mode include Vinyl Control for adjusting compression ratio and Depth control which lets you set the threshold. Keeley adds, "Use this for pumping synth leads in dance music; use it on vocals for a powerful reverb sound that levels them clear and distinct. Use it on blues guitar for unique note definition with the space of reverb between the notes."

The Distorted mode adds throaty distortion to the trails, allowing for interesting sonic ambiences. The Vinyl control serves as the gain knob while the Depth control lets you adjust pre-delay time.

The third mode is the Flanger Reverb / Sun-Drenched Vinyl Reverb. Flange reverb adds a flange effect on the trails, while the Sun-Drenched Vinyl setting adds a random pitch vibrato to the huge wall of sound reverb.

To get the reverb sound right, the pedal emulates the room and the vintage RCA 44 microphones that capture the ambience. Tape machine like responses of the Ampex 350 were also recreated in this pedal. Check out the official video demo:

The Keeley Electronics Gold Star Reverb pedal is now available for $179. For more information, you can head over to Robert Keeley.

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