Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme

Godlyke introduces the Maxon OD808X Overdrive Exxtreme Pedal featuring more gain and extended high frequencies.

Maxon OD808X

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This pedal is based on the Maxon OD808, and is described as an improved modern version of the of their "808" circuit.

The name of this pedal is an easy hint that this is a modified Tube Screamer, and adds to the sea of "808" boutique stompboxes that are available in the market today. So the question is what, does this one have to offer?

According to Maxon, this pedal features several changed component values that were altered to improve the overdrive tone. The official description says, "The OD808X offers a wider frequency response than a stock OD808, with an extended hi-frequency tonal range that offers additional clarity without becoming harsh."

They also add that the new OD808X has a harder clipping pattern than the standard model, and they claim that this design creates "a searing, full-bodied drive tone that helps chords ring and notes sing."

The company also added an additional +5 dB of output level so you can get more juice from the pedal. This additional output booster is expected to help your guitar tone cut through multiple instruments in both live and studio settings. The pedal's ability to punch through mixes is said to be unmatched by the standard OD808 model.

Finally, the pedal has improved top-end tone shaping via the Tone knob. Aside from customizing your sound, this allows for more convenient pairing with your existing rig without having the overdriven tone buried under your other pedals.

The original Maxon OD808 has been in production for over 30 years and have seen various types of uses depending on the player. Now the company has improved on this classic design to appeal to players that are looking for more.

The official description says, "The OD808X offers the same “feel” and amazing transparency that the 808 is famous for – digging in you’ll get more break-up; rolling back your volume will clean things up and you’re guitar will sound like your guitar. Beyond that, all similarities end and all bets are off. Comparing the X to a stock OD808 is kind of like bringing a gun to a knife fight – it’s excessive, but you know it will get the job done!

Other features include buffered bypass switching with low impedance output and status LED indicators that shows battery condition and effect on/off.

The list price is $209, but the Street price for the Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme is $159. For further details and more information, head over to Maxon FX

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