Moog MF Chorus Bucket Brigade Time Modulator

Moog Music expands the Minifooger line with the new MF Chorus pedal, featuring all-analog bucket brigade circuitry.

Moog MF Chorus

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Moog Minifooger Pedals

This pedal sports a new look that will now be used for the entire Minifooger line, essentially changing the exterior appearance and of the pedal collection while retaining the circuitry and controls.

While other pedal manufacturers tend to use distinct looking designs, Moog opted for an even more uniform look across all the Minifooger pedals. The new black & white color scheme contrasts the colorful pedals available in the market. Interestingly, the new standardized straightforward look make them stand out from the usual colorful and graphic intensive designs of other manufacturers.

The newest pedal to come out of this line is the MF Chorus, described as 100% analog, featuring BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) based time modulation that works both in stereo or mono output modes. The company says, "Use it as an all analog Vibrato pedal or drop the Mix switch to shift into ultra-thick, swirling analog chorus. Crank the Time and Feedback controls to transform your sound into a multi-octave modulate-able slap delay with near-infinite echo trails."

Controls for this pedal include four knobs and a switch, first of which lets you adjust the Time knob which lets you go from bright vibrato style chorus to deep chorus, to modulated slap delay. The Feedback knob lets you adjust how much of the effected signal is fed back into the circuit, lower settings give you subtle increased resonance. Raising this parameter will give you a more focused peak, and when maxed along with the Time knob, you can get slap delay style echoes, quite interesting for a Chorus pedal.

Moog MF Chorus

The Rate knob lets you just the rate of the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) modulation of the analog delay time, where you can go from classic sweeps to spinning rotary and film projector effects. The final knob lets you adjust the Depth setting, giving you subtle to multi-octave time modulation. As this control is increased, the sound transforms from subtle vibrato to chorus, and then into multi-octave time modulation.

Finally, the pedal has a 3-way Mix switch, The down position gives you a more open natural sounding chorus, thickness and warmth is increased when you switch to the middle position, and finally, setting the switch to the up position, lets only the wet/effected signal out.

Other features of the pedal include Expression Pedal Input, which will let you control the Rate setting via in real time. You can use it to sweep from slow shifts to choppy chorusing all in real-time. Another interesting feature is the MONO/STEREO SWITCH which will let you access both outputs (in bypass) for stereo chorus effect. Note that you will need to open the bottom of the stompbox to access the switch.

The company released a demo video of the Moog MF Chorus, check it out below:

Like all the Minifooger pedals, the MF Chorus is hand-assembled at their factory in downtown Ashville, NC, housed in a rugged cast aluminum chassis. True Bypass switching, optional battery power come standard.

The new Minifooger MF Chorus is now available for $209. Visit Moog Music for more information.

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