Radial Mix-Blender Pedal

Radial Engineering Ltd announces the availability of the newest member of their Tonebone line, the Mix-Blender Pedal.

Radial Mix-Blender Pedal

This interesting pedal allows you to mix two audio signals like a real mixing console, be it instruments or effects, allowing for complex setups that would otherwise be not possible using conventional guitar gear.

Unorthodox pedals like the Mix-Blender is what Radial Engineering is known for, it showcases their penchant for providing musicians with advanced tools for creating complex signal chains and setups. While there are some effects pedals that feature blend/mix knobs, the Mix-Blender provides a more versatile method of mixing entire signal chains, with the flexibility to let you choose where to implement the blend and how much the mix will be.

Radial Senior Tech Team Associate Ryan Juchnowski said: "Typical guitar and bass effects pedals only give you a choice between on or off. Although this may work perfectly well with an overdrive on a guitar, it is a problem with bass: distortion pedals are focused in the mid and high frequencies, so when they are applied to bass, you effectively loose all of the low frequency energy and note distinctiveness. The Mix-Blender lets you add any degree of distortion to the signal path while retaining the original bass- tone using a simple wet-dry control. By enabling the artist to blend-in the effects just as one does in a recording studio, he or she can fine tune the processing to add character without losing the fundamentals."

While the use for this pedal allows for complex signal paths, the design and idea behind the actual pedal itself is pretty straightforward. It is simply a pedal with two inputs and two level controls for each, allowing you to mix as much of the two signals as you prefer. Radial Engineering equipped the pedal with discrete buffers to ensure signal consistency and transparency, following the same quality standard that their other units adhere to.

Juchnowski adds: "With so many guitar and bass players managing their signal at the pedalboard, we have noticed a growing demand for more control. This can be as simple as routing two instruments to the same signal path or for the more adventurous, a desire to mix two effects together such as combining distortion and phase by first splitting the signal using an ABY pedal, then recombining them together. Early sound-shaping innovators like Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page pushed guitar into new realms which in turn spurred on creativity. This is exactly what the Mix-Blender does... it opens the door to creative new ideas which in turn will help drive innovative musical ideas."

To avoid any unnecessary changes to your signal, the Mix-Blender is designed to be a unity gain device. This means that level controls do not actually boost or color the signal, rather they just allow more of the audio signal to pass through as you raise the level settings. And since it's from Radial, you can be assured that the blending is done without unwanted sonic artifacts.

Like their other pedals, the Mix-Blender is housed in a 14-gauge steel body that's designed for reliability and immunity from magnetic interference. The unit features standard 1/4" jack connections, and is designed to handle typical guitar signal levels. You can power the pedal via the usual Boss-style 9V adaptor (not included) or by plugging the unit to your pedal board power supply, if you have one.

The MAP for the new Radial Mix-Blender is $169.99, for further details you can visit Radial Engineering.

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