Soundblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter

Source Audio releases the Soundblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter, featuring modulation, filter and overdrive effects.

Soundblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter

Like its predecessors, this pedal features full MIDI capabilities and a wide variety of filter effects. Only this time, it has improved envelope response, new LFO wave shapes and built-in onboard overdrive effect.

Sounblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter follows after the companies previous releases, most notable of which is the Hot Hand Wah and the Bass Envelope Filter. Stingray is designed to provide effects that are usually only found on synthesizers, allowing for some truly unique tones that you can't get from conventional singe-effect or multi-effect pedals.

Company owner Roger Smith says, "Over the last ten years, no other effects company has been as deeply invested in all aspects of filter understanding and development as Source Audio. Stingray is our ultimate creation and expression of beauty and depth."

As the name implies, the Stingray has a wide range of filter effects, a total of twelve to be exact. It includes low pass, high pass, phaser, single peak, and multi-peak effects. Each filter has a unique sound that's all its own, from the resonant and aggressive Single Peak Filter, to the smooth, vowel littered Multi-Peak effects.

The internal overdrive/fuzz circuit is designed to complement the filter effects nicely, with it enabled, you get even more sound variations. You can blend various levels of distortion with any of the filter effects, from subtle overdrive to aggressive fuzz.

Distinguishing itself from other filter effect pedals, the Stingray features forward and reverse envelope followers with adjustable attack and decay. It has four different LFO wave shapes (Sine, Square, Random Sample and Hold, and Sawtooth) whose modulation speed can be controlled by the pedal's tap tempo function.

Source Audio's Chief Scientist Bob Chidlaw talked about their improved envelope technology, "Our very first product here at Source Audio had an envelope follower. I've continued to refine the processing over nearly ten years, to try to make it more responsive and 'right' feeling. What we have now is a feel and response that far surpasses what's possible with simple analog circuits."

Source Audio's Head of Engineering Jesse Remignanti adds, "I truly think the potential of filter effects has been largely ignored by pedal builders. Traditional envelope filter pedals are very limited in the range of sounds you can get, but with the LFO waveform options and built in overdrive, the Stingray has a wealth of completely original tones, everything from basic wahs to ambient oscillating vocal sounds and beyond. This pedal really is a filter powerhouse."

For real-time control, the Stingray's filter modulation can also be controlled externally with the company's Dual Expression Pedal or the Hot Hand 3 motion sensing wireless ring. You can assign any of the Stingray's knob parameters to external controllers. Finally, the Stingray is also compaible with Souurce Audio's Soundblox Hub, which better utilizes the MIDI capabilities of the pedal and allows for more preset storing and loading options.

Pricing information will soon be available, head over to Source Audio for further details.

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