Transducer: Analog speaker and miking simulator

In a cooperative developmental effort with German guitar amp specialists Tonehunter, SPL presents a new 2U, 19-inch format guitar speaker and microphone stand-in called the Transducer. It functions free of latency issues and with amps up to 200 watts.

The Transducer is connected and operated exactly like any guitar speaker box so that a guitar amp's distortion can also be integrated into the sound design.

Main advantages

- Authentic sound qualities and real time response for the guitar player – in contrast to digital simulations with latencies in processing

- Independence from volume levels during performances or recording sessions

- Independence from room acoustics in recordings

- Greater sonic flexibility in comparison to fixed box/microphone gear

- Provides for a live signal in recording quality without crosstalk from miking

- Great space and weight reduction in transport

- Time-saving setup and simplified experimentation with sound variations

- No phasing problems with track doubling thanks to latency free design

- Hearing protection from in-ear monitoring in any kind of session, whether studio, live or private

The TRANSDUCER sports two main controls to adjust its sound: "Speaker Action“ works analogous to a speaker‘s cone behaviour at different levels through to an audible cone distortion effect. Similarly, “Miking Level“ recreates a microphone‘s characteristic at different recording levels.

Further switchable functions allow the choices of alnico or ceramic speakers, closed or open housings, condenser or dynamic microphones as well as adjustments to miking distances.



( from )

Recorded through an Edirol USB-Interface on a Notebook. Playback drums played by Alex Vesper.

Clean & Smooth Lead WAV | MP3

4 tracks: Strat through Fender Twin Reverb Left and right, Les Paul through Tonehunter Amp Lead and Slide. No EQ, no processing, except for Clean Fender and Slide with mild compression, reverb plugins for lead and slide tracks to gain depth.

Classic Marshall WAV | MP3

4 tracks: rhythm left and right, picking and lead. All sounds recorded with a fully torqued Marshall JMP 50. No EQ, no processing, reverb plugin on picking and lead tracks.



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