Peavey AT-200 Now Available

The Peavey AT-200 with “Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar” is now available from various retailers.

Peavey AT-200

Antares joined Peavey in creating a guitar that processes your audio signal and adjusts the intonation as you play.

The AT-200 was first announced early this year and its Auto-Tune technology has created quite a buzz among guitarists that argue both for and against the guitar’s design. Now the instrument is finally available in the market and at a reasonable price range.

Unlike keyboards that have perfect intonation and can easily be tuned, the electric guitar has been left behind with its traditional tuning mechanism. Perhaps due to the various difficulties involved in implementing a low maintenance solution, guitarists continue to work with the innate intonation issue of their beloved instrument. Thankfully, we have been seeing some new tuning innovations, and the AT-200 is one of them.

Sidestepping the mechanical aspect and attacking the audio-signal itself, Peavey sought the help of Auto-Tune creator Antares to introduce a guitar that intonates the guitar signal in real-time and outputs the sound to your amplifier. You can think of it like a real time pitch effect that perfectly tunes the guitar as you play through the fretboard.

Peavey AT-200

The guitar features “Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar” that is discreetly built into the instrument. It is the DSP technology that simulates the intonation and it also serves as a gateway to a collection of other features, sounds and effects from Antares. Peavey is banking on the tremendous and notorious success of the Auto-Tune software in the vocal realm, hoping that it would translate well in the guitar market.

Dr. Andy Hildebrand, founder of Antares Audio Tecnhologies, said: “We knew that our Auto-Tune had the power to change the sound of guitars, creating sonority and clarity. Partnering with a company revered for quality and reliability like Peavey was very important to this project. Peavey has been a leader in musical instruments for decades, and the AT-200 with Auto-Tune for Guitar is a high-quality guitar that any musician can appreciate.”

The innovation that the Peavey AT-200 brings appreciated, however, as we have pointed out when it was first announced, there are some questions on the design of this guitar. Most glaring of which is the dissonance from the sound of the actual strings, which will be specially obvious at lower volume levels. Another important issue would be tone, which will be significantly affected by the digital processing. Other quibbles include not being able to easily customize the guitar, i.e. install the pickup of your choice and the like.

Having said all that, the Peavey AT-200 does provide impressive instant tuning and intonation, at a level that is on par with what keyboardists enjoy. Being reasonably priced, it will make for a great extra instrument for use in the studio or in situations where you require multiple tuning.

You can now purchase the Peavey AT-200 at various retail stores for less than $500. Check out the latest price at

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