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EHX Cock Fight Pedal

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Cock Fight pedal, a filter effect stompbox that gives you the sound of a cocked wah. Related Feature:Best Wah Wah Pedals! This pedal features two expressive filters where you can fine tune the frequencies, allowing you to produce the sound of cocked or stopped wah and talking pedal sounds. Guitarists have been

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EHX Soul Food

Electro-Harmonix continue their barrage of new dirt boxes, this time with a “Klon clone” that they call Soul Food. Related Feature:EHX Nano Big Muff Pi This new pedal is described by EHX as providing a transparent, natural-sounding, uncompressed overdrive effect. Love it or hate it, the Klon Centaur pedal has piqued the interest of many

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Keeley Aurora Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces the Aurora Reverb pedal, featuring three essential reverb modes – Room, Hall and Plate. Related Feature:Keeley GC-2 Limiting Amp Compressor Instead of going for modern versatility, this pedal focuses on traditional reverb and aims to reproduce each of the three modes as close to studio rack boxes as they possibly can. The

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Pandora Mini from Korg

The Pandora Mini multi-effects processor has been let out of the box, and is now available in all good music stores that advertise on :). Korg released the battery operated Pandora effect processors in 1995. The latest addition to the improving Pandora line of products is the Pandora Mini (which is now shipping), designed

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NAMM 2011 – New Eventide Space Reverb Stompbox

Eventide have put out this release for their NAMM product announcement: Today, Eventide announced the newest addition to its stompbox product line: Space. Space features 12 of Eventide’s signature reverb combination effects taken from the H8000FW and Eclipse V4 along with some startling new magic. These unique effects, previously available only in Eventide rack processors,

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EHX 22500 Dual Stereo Looper – Summer NAMM 2015

EHX introduces the 22500 Dual Stereo Looper, a versatile looper with two independent loop tracks and built-in rhythm tracks. Related Feature:EHX NanoLooper 360 Thisl expands the company’s looper pedal lineup, giving you flexible control over two uncompressed audio tracks and modern versatility packed in the usual tank tough exterior expected from Electro-Harmonix. The EHX 22500

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