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JHS Crayon Pedal

JHS introduces the Crayon pedal, a stripped down version of the Colour Box, with the same direct-to-console fuzz. Related Feature:JHS Muffuletta Distortion/Fuzz This is a dirt box inspired by the popular Beatles tune “Revolution 1”, but this one is made more compact, guitarist friendly and with more sonic versatility. Like its bigger brother, the Crayon

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Keeley Katana Blues Drive

Keeley Electronics is now shipping the Katana Blues Drive, featuring active tone controls and “layered” overdrive. Related Feature:Keeley Magnetic Echo This pedal is based on the company’s popular Katana Boost pedal, with some modifications for improved overdrive tones at lower volume levels. According to the company, this pedal is designed to capture the touch sensitivity

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Source Audio Reflex Universal Expression Controller

Source Audio introduces the Reflex Universal Expression Controller, a MIDI capable and programmable expression pedal. Related Feature:Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo This is far from your ordinary expression pedal, having the capability to send up to three standard expression or CV (control voltage) signals, MIDI continuous controller messages and six LFO wave shapes. Utilizing their experience

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KHDK Ghoul Screamer

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and his recently launched company KHDK introduces the Ghoul Screamer Overdrive Pedal. Related Feature:Top 10 Guitar Pedals Being Hammett’s signature overdrive, this pedal is designed to meet his requirements and cope up with the various tones that he employs for Metallica and his other musical endeavors. KHDK, as the name

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