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BOSS introduces the SL-20

BOSS has introduced a new twin pedal that instantly transforms guitars, keyboards, and vocals into pulsating groove instruments. The SL-20 Slicer features 50 onboard slice patterns with adjustable attack and duration, including an innovative Harmonic Slicer feature that generates percussive melodies. The SL-20 offers an internal Tap Tempo feature, as well as the ability to

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Digitech introduces the Harmonyman Pedal

DigiTech's HarmonyMan automatically generates live three-part guitar harmony over lead/solo playing by analyzing and remembering guitar chord progressions from before the solo. DigiTech introduces the HarmonyMan Intelligent Pitch Shifter guitar effect pedal. The HarmonyMan is the world's first guitar pedal that can produce multi-part guitar harmonies on guitar solos by analyzing the chords users were

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Heavy Electronics now shipping the Descend Precision Volume Pedal

The Descend by Heavy Electronics, represents an unprecedented tool for guitarists that has been overlooked for years. The Descend offers its user a calculated reduction of volume at the tap of the switch. However, the Descend also features unique characteristics that protect the core tone of your guitar. Unlike the volume knob on your guitar

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