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BAE Audio Hot Fuzz

BAE Audio releases the Hot Fuzz pedal, a two channel pedal with ’70 style fuzz tone and a top boost circuit. Related Feature:Best Fuzz Pedals This release marks the company’s first ever production line guitar stompbox, an interesting break from their current line of DI boxes, equalizers, compressors and preamplifiers, all of which are built

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Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces their latest time-based delay and reverb ambience effect pedal, the Caverns Delay Reverb. Related Feature:Keeley DynaTrem This new reverb/delay pedal features the company’s dual DSP platform, which allows this compact pedal to house multiple reverb modes and a 24-bit 1-second digital delay channel. This pedal literally packs full-featured digital delay and reverb

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Keeley Gold Star Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces the new Gold Star Reverb effect pedal, featuring three distinct reverb modes inspired by studio reverb units. Related Feature:Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb The three reverb modes included in this stompbox are Flanged, Compressed and Distorted Reverb. They are inspired by how reverb is mixed with other effects via send/return systems in studios,

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MXR Reverb Pedal

Jim Dunlop introduces the MXR Reverb, featuring selectable six distinct reverb types, packed in a compact form factor. Related Feature:Best Reverb Pedals This reverb pedal follows the portable and straightforward design of the company’s other small pedals, having a simple three-knob setup and compact profile while retaining high headroom and flexibility. According to the official

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EHX Holy Grail Neo Reverb

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Holy Grail Neo, another addition to their popular “Nano” compact sized pedals. Related Feature:EHX Holy Grail Max This reverb pedal is the fourth “Holy Grail” from EHX and stripped down to essentials. It features a straightforward set of controls that include a single knob, a mode selector and a footswitch. According to

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