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😮 Dear oracle, thanks for the info. 60s amp hooray.I just guessed 70s because of the stage pass sticker. I dont play it as often as the other amps, but its a lot easier to carry about when I’m not playing at home. Most of the time its in my sons bedroom,where he uses it with an Ibanez s540 and a Digi Tech Grunge pedal. (It dose take a pedal nicely)Its my practice amp. I use to use it at work when I was on nights with a 1×18 Vox bass cab hung off it. Glorious. The trem I’ve never tried. Is it built in? How do I operate it? As for the cork sniffing link,bring it on. I will be most grateful to learn. I still have the original speaker.I might get it fixed. Thanks. 8) 😀