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Well, here’s one, Tim: 😆

My very,very first ever bass was a Kay 4001 “copy” (if I can dignify it with that term). Almost as nasty as this, except the strings did at least go over the pole pieces and the fretboard. It was in “Woolworths” when I was 13, for £45 but I accidentally damaged it just by picking it up. I quickly put it back and, a week later, saw it was reduced to £17. I bought it, but any feelings of guilt quickly evaporated once I tried it. Easily the worst ever guitar to land in my hands. Like this one, the neck wasn’t even maple. Bizarre as it sounds, it looks a heckuva lot like beech 😯

It was a shortscale, with flats and it managed to put me off both for decades. I’ve just now bought a Fender Mustang Bass basketcase that I shall restore to something like its 30″ glory (with flats), but I don’t really get on with them. They ‘flobble’ a lot when hit hard.