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I owned this EXACT bass for about 3 years, but the right handed model. It was stuck onto a friend’s wall as a decoration and I took it down and restrung it. It is personally my favorite bass. The neck is very thin and the whole thing plays and sounds like a dream. There is so much low end to this thing for it being such a light instrument.

Unfortunately, I had brought it in to get setup and have a vintage Gibson Eb-0 pickup installed in it, and it was stolen out of the back of the music shop along with 4 or 5 other instruments. Apparently a heroin addict had robbed a string of store in the same area and pawned everything at a few near by pawn shops. 🙁

It is an amazingly cheap japanese SG ripoff, but it really really is a find.

If anyone knows where to buy another one of these, please let me know and shoot me an email. I would buy it in an instant.