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While I feel uncomfortable recommending “ChickinSack” songs, I do remember Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” startlingly changing the attitude of a girl I knew and, if this YooToob clip from “Old Grey Whistle Test” and the comments are anything to go by:,

its effects cross language boundaries. It even gives John McEnroe an insight into the feminine side. The obvious problems are a female vocal (gawd knows how awful it is when writer Springsteen performs it) and hefty piano input.

Another “turns to putty” song is “Mad As The Snow” by “Kitchens of Distinction” from the “Death of Cool” album. On YooToob, there is only a live performance, complete with initial heckling, but the album track has oestrogen pouring out of it. Again, there is the slight problem that both guitarist and bass player have to know their fretboards in order to make this one work.

Alternatively, get your student to learn French. “Le stylo de ma tante est dans le jardin” works a treat if the accent is worked on.