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Sorry, I didn’t get as far as any tracks. I went to your link and thence to your gear page and, both times, got one of those annoying popups that launches IE and slows my browsing down. If there’s any chance you can stop that happening (my blocker usually does but it got round it), it’s worth doing because it just irritates enough to click on the “X” and get out.

I shouldn’t really comment without listening but a couple of things strike me that might be tone issues. One that you can’t do much about is that free mp3 clips are often compressed and will sound worse to Joe Punter than they do to you on your own PC. Have you tried it from a work, college or cafe PC? It might come out worse than you expected.

It doesn’t really help that your Ibanez goes through a multi-FX into the soundcard. Call me old-fashioned, but 2/3 of the tone goes missing; the amp and the speakers. It’s much easier to hook up, of course, but I always insisted that I was miked up or, failing that, arranged some form of DI out of the power out. If you can get your hands on a valve-driven pedal to put into the loop, it could warm things up and make the tone less “all-digital”.